Fitness-update! (4)

Hi there!

My last fitness update was three weeks ago. THREE WEEKS. That is a long time. Though I already mentioned it a bit in my update about my guilty pleasures. In that update I told you that I stopped training again because of neck problems and lack of time. Technically I don’t need to post a new update because you already know everything. But, yes, there is a huge but.

I need your help.

Really, I need your tips and tricks on how to maintain my schedule. I am getting lax. For example, this Friday it was time for the 7-minute workout as I try to do it three times a week: Monday – Wednesday – Friday. But I also had to go to my work because I needed to ask something about the next day. So I cycled to work, and back of course, and did not do the 7-minute update. I have to admit that cycling to work already was some kind of an exercise but in total that is only 20 minutes of cycling. And it doesn’t train my arm and core muscles. (And it won’t give me a six-pack any time soon).

In short, I am cheating. A lot. I don’t do it when I am tired, I don’t do it when it is late, I don’t do it when I was already active during the day (like walking the 20 minutes to the train station after my internship).
Yesterday I had a good workout because I walked in my new hiking boots from home to the city centre and back. I think that was like 1,5 hours of walking.

Today I am planning to train again but I know that there is a chance that I won’t train correctly. And I don’t know you to change that. I can’t push myself to keep training. I do whatever I please even though I know I shouldn’t.

Does anyone have tips for me?



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