A few weeks ago it was time for the local elections. And it was my first time to vote. While growing up all you hear is that voting is so important and kind of a big happening, and now that moment finally came. And it was really no big happening and I really don’t know whether it was important or not.

In this country, we are democratic. We vote, a parliament is formed, and in 4 years (or earlier depending on the cooperation) the whole circus starts again. It is kind of a quick life cycle. Politicians can appear and disappear very quickly. And I always found it boring, and to be honest, I still do.
Only around 50% of the population usually votes. And I can understand why not everyone is voting. But whenever you try and take the whole fancy show of voting away and you would get a massive protest.

I don’t know what would be better, the parliament like we have it now or back to the old system of one persons who tells us all what we should do. What is happening now is that one year the parliament tells us to go right and not even a year later we are told to go left. And we all end up in the same spot where we started and we are all confused.

Politics never managed to get my attention and I guess they never will. The way it is now, it gets us nowhere.



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