That moment when you look into the mirror at the end of the day. And you just wonder how you keep holding on.
That moment when the alarm goes of in the morning, and you just don’t have the spirit to live through another day.
That moment when everyone around you is having fun and you are just sitting there, unable to join.
That moment when you are invited to a party and going there is just as dreadful as sitting at home.
That moment when you just can’t go on any more and no one seems to notice.

Silence is the loudest cry for help. And the one most often missed.

Life goes on and you just try to swim, while all you actually do is keeping your head over water. Or at least you’re trying to, though it feels like you’re going down.
You keep on running, just on the auto-pilot. And whenever you crash into a wall, you wrap yourself up as good as possible and start running again. No time to heal, just keep on running. And no one knows you’re running in a circle.

I honestly don’t know how I keep going on.


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