TAG! Are you a real beautyfreak?

Time for something new: a TAG! I think I will do a TAG like every month, or every three weeks, I don’t know yet. Today it is time for the first one, it is called ‘Are you a real beautyfreak?’, well let’s find out!

  1. What the most recent beauty product that you bought, that you had to save up money for?
    I am luckily wealthy enough to be able to buy whatever I want. At least when beauty products are concerned. Though my most expensive purchases are my Dior eyeshadow palettes. I have two of them now and I love them though I don’t use them as much as I should.
  2. If you were a beautyproduct, what would you be and why?
    I think I would be a primer, or a foundation. I am the silent girl, the one who doesn’t stand out. (Well, except for my make-up as I am one of the few who are actually wearing make-up in daily life..)
    Primers and foundations are the base you need for a flawless make-up but otherwise they don’t stand out, like me.
  3. How many girlfriends do you have, that you can talk to about that perfect blush or that fabulous eyeshadow?
    Well, that’s an easy one! I have no girlfriends to talk about beauty-stuff. There is one person where I sometimes talk to about new beauty products. But that occasions are sparse and for the rest.. there is no one else.
  4. When was the last time you have thrown away makeup?
    Uhm, this week? Once in a while I look through my stash and clean it up. Products that I don’t use any more like kohl pencils and mono eyeshadows (and sometimes a palette) are going to my mom or thrown away.
  5. How did the makeupmadness start with you?
    Actually, I don’t really know. I only remember that I started using my mothers kohl pencils in turquoise (I love that colour!). And I had a cheap palette with a lot of colours but I rarely used it. Somewhere in the past 4 years I started following beautyblogs and my stash started growing.
  6. When a non-makeupfreak asks you how many nailpolishes or eyeshadow you have, do you give an honest answer?
    Sure! Why not? Everyone probably already knows that I love make up and I am proud on my stash. The only problem is that I don’t really know how many nailpolishes or eyeshadows I actually have…
  7. How many times do you stop by the drugstore when you don’t really need something?
    About once a month? Normally I only go there when I think I really need or want something. But most often I don’t buy anything. For example, I was looking for the Essence All About Nude palette but could never find it. Until this week! And of course I bought it though I don’t really need it.
    (But it is a great addition to my stash, so I am happy.)
  8. How much time do you spend each day on the internet, reading about beauty?
    Let’s see, I read about 7,5 blogs about beauty a day. (One is partly beauty so that counts as a half!). And most of them I read twice a day, so I think I am at least busy for an hour a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It is my relax-moment.
  9. What’s your favourite make-up item?
    Mascara, I think. But I love it all! Especially lipstick and eyeshadow! Those three items are really the favourites.
  10. Do you have a wish list, and how many items are on it?
    I did, but not any more. I really wanted the blush from the 2014 Spring Collection of Yves Saint Laurent. But it is not available in the Netherlands. No where. Not even in the most exclusive make-up stores. For the rest, I might want some Zoeva palettes, brushes and blushes. And another Sleek palette (those are so awesome!). But that can wait.

So, that was the tag. Overall I think I am a beautyfreak though I haven’t lost my mind completely in my stash. Or at least not yet.

What do you think?



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