Public Transport

I think most of you have used it. Some of you might even use it, like me, almost every day. And you probably all know the drill. Or not? Today I will share with you what I like and dislike in public transport!


  • Disappearing busses: my bus stop has those fancy electronic timetables where you can see when the next bus will arrive. But sometimes the bus which usually comes every morning at 7.39 (the bus I normally take everyday), will just not come. The time goes down, the bus symbol appears, but the real bus? That one never comes. As if it magically disappears. And of course, the next bus is over-crowed.
  • No personal space: I need my space, always. I am not comfortable between lots of people. That is one of the reasons why I hate national party-days like Queensday (or Kingsday like it is called nowadays). I really hate crowded busses and crowded trains. Sadly enough I have at least one crowded public transport transfer a day.
  • Delays: Whether it is the bus, or the train, though train is most often worse, I hate delays. Especially when everything is fine while you check before leaving and when you arrive at the train station suddenly hell broke loose. Scenario’s like this happen like twice a year, but delays are more frequent. Or defect trains, blocked tracks, malfunctioning electronics along the track.. name it and it has happened!
  • People: There is that special kind of people, who are really stupid. You would think that it is quite logical to let people come out of the bus first before you try to get in. Some people never get that, even when they are using public transport every day. Or what about those very bright people who block the exit because they want to enter the train, or bus. Often you get greeted by a circle of people around the door without a gap for you to leave the train or bus. That does not work, people!
  • Waiting: Especially in the rain, or wind, or snow, or cold, or too much sunshine. Public transport means waiting. A lot. In unpleasant locations as well. My train stations are open on all sides, except for the roof but it ain’t waterproof. Wherever you stand you’ll be either cold, or soaked, or both. Same for the bus stops. I really don’t know what the architects where thinking while designing the stops and stations..

So, that was my list of unpleasant things about public transport. Now the pleasant things!

  • Time for yourself: Public transport is ideal for doing stuff, like reading, listening to music, or just mindlessly staring outside. It is safe to be inattentive, you won’t cause any accidents, but you might miss your station.
  • People watching: It is like your personal soap, as a frequent user I often see the same people every day. Always fun to watch. And sometimes you can overhear very interesting conversations. Or see funny things.
  • No parking problems: this explains itself. No need to stress about parking spaces or costs. Though public transport is expensive as well.
  • You can get almost anywhere: Almost, really almost. But here in my area it is quite extensive and public transport can get you really almost everywhere.

Oh my, thinking about good things of public transport was really hard. But I got quite even, 5 against 4.. I still don’t like it very much, but it is doable. And I have to as parking is almost impossible at my faculty.



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