La Palpitante – Chanel

Today something I wanted for a long time. Well, not exactly this particular lipstick but still, I wanted something like this for a long time. Last year I bought the beautiful Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in number 34 La Raffinée. That is an astonishing matte lipstick in a sweet pink/purple shade. Soon after using that particular lipstick for the first time, I decided I wanted another Chanel lipstick. And thus I bought one after a long search.

Chanel-La-Palpitante-3 Chanel-La-Palpitante-4
I love the luxe packaging, the gold with black and the white letters. I love the sleek, black, shell with the ‘click’-mechanism to open it. And then, when you have taken the lipstick out of its shell you have a beautiful lipstick in a golden cover. The lipstick itself has “Chanel” imprinted and has no sharp edges. Pure luxury, lovely.

Somehow it was very hard to capture the real colour, it looks the most like on the right. It is a blueish, pinkish shade of red. A very cool shade, suitable for my skin. Down below you can see the ingredients and carton cover, both nothing special. Simple and functional, that’s it.

Chanel-La-Palpitante-6 Chanel-La-Palpitante-7

This are the swatches on my skin:
Chanel-La-Palpitante-7 Chanel-La-Palpitante-8
It seems to be a normal shade of red but when you look carefully, you can see the blue undertone. This swatch has been made with multiple applications of lipstick to my arm. The coverage on my arm was therefore not very good but I also tried it on my lips and there it covered a lot better.

Overall, it is a nice lipstick, I think I like my Rouge Allure Velvet more but this seems to be a perfect (or the?) lipstick for me. And I can’t wait to wear this one more often. But on the other hand it is nothing special, I have better covering lipsticks which were only 89 cents. But still, this is Chanel! It’s a piece of affordable luxury and for me, once in a while, that is definitely worth it!




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