Something personal (4)

I have mentioned it before, and I will mention it over and over again. It is something that affects me every day of my life. I am not born with it, but I have it since my childhood. What it is? A sensitive skin.

It began somewhere during my childhood, I don’t even remember. It itched, and thus I scratched, and scratched. And I kept scratching until I bled though it did not relieve the itch. My skin was also flaky, red, swollen and simply very irritated. It was horrible.
I managed to get it under control with some medical treatment: cortisol crème. It helped enough to calm it down but cortisol itself is not the most pleasant substance to handle. But together with ultra fatty crèmes from the pharmacy, it helped my skin to become less irritated. Back then it were mostly my legs and arms. It was unpleasant but I discovered a few years later that it could be worse.

I never had much acne, due to my dry skin. It was too dry to even think about pimples. Sure, I had some accidentally occurring ones, but I had a quite smooth face. Except for the flakes which came with dry skin, and the red, irritated area’s which now and then occurred without evident reason. I still don’t really know what sets my skin off. I just live with the consequences of an unknown irritation.

I have been by a dermatologist, I even have seen a few. But they could not help me, or they did not care enough to really investigate time in me. I did have an allergy-test but it came back completely negative. I might be sensitive to animal hair and dust mites but I think that is very unlikely. I have been around horse for about 12 years on a regular basis, my skin problems did not occur on a regular basis. And they were not necessarily worse after contact with animals. And dust mites.. maybe but most of the time that would lead to a stronger reaction than some skin problems.

I do have noticed that I cannot stand certain shower gels and crèmes. And I try to avoid strongly perfumed good as much as possible. That is also one of the reasons why I bought Jetske’s Skin book. But until now it has not helped me any further.
I came from a super dry skin, and I can deal with that. But now? Now it is either irritated or just weird. The best part is that it isn’t dry any more but now I have clogged pores. The reason why that is weird is that I haven’t changed my routine. I know that skin needs a time to adjust (mostly around 1 month). And that was fine, another month or so passed without problems and I was happy. Somewhere around that time the problems started again.

I really don’t understand my skin anymore, I have ruled out make-up, my skincare routine should be fine as well, I don’t use anything new, I do not use perfumed stuff on my face (or at least not on a regular basis). But still, my skin seems to be unhappy. I even looked at my diet but that should be fine, and it is not that different as it was before. Only less sugar which should have a beneficial effect if it should have any effect at all.

Does anyone know what to do? I really don’t know it anymore!



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