My Diet Bible

All Dutch people, and probably all Belgian folks as well, probably know it. It is incredibly hyped, even has an own cookbook, and it is believed to be amazing.
Of course I am talking about De Voedselzandloper. I really hope that there is an English equivalent of this book because the hype is justified. It is an amazing book about nutrition and the long term effects of your food intake.


I think it is comparable to the paleo hype though it is even healthier than that. What is wrong with paleo is that it is impossible to really verify how people lived back then. And, the paleo diet is based on a lot of meat, but too much meat is far from healthy. Meat consists of proteins (and ‘bad’ fat), too much proteins are very hard for your kidneys to process. In the long run the intake of large quantities of protein can lead to kidney damage, something you only start noticing when it is already too late. The human kidneys are able to fulfil their duties even when only 5-10% of the original kidney is still functioning.

But back to my favourite non-fiction book at the moment! What is inside this miraculous book? Chris, the author, gives his vision on diseases and nutrition and the link between. I find it very pleasant that he supports his statements with literature of real research. The downside is that I don’t always agree with his conclusions. There is a lot research done with other organisms than humans, which is not always comparable to humans. Also, a lot of data has been thrown together in a so-called ‘meta-investigation’ and the problem with those kind of investigations is that the data you throw together is never obtained in the exact same way. Also, the selection of data can lead to bias and therefore generate false conclusions.
Of course, the book is written for everyone, not just for people like me. And for the average person, it is all well. But I am trained in judging scientific research and therefore it is sometimes to general written for my taste.

The way you should eat concerning Chris’ opinion. Basically it consists of less milk, yoghurt, conserved fruit juices, less bread, potatoes etcetera, less fast food and red meat, less sweets, less bad fats and hopefully less medication (though always ask your doctor first!). More water, green tea, fresh juices, more fruit and vegetables, more fish, white meat, more healthy snacks like dark chocolate, nuts, more good fats. Click here for the coloured version of this hourglass.

On the bright side, I think Chris his thoughts about ageing and related diseases are right. Nutrition and lifestyle are huge influencers on ageing and the development of diseases. The problem is the industry, unhealthy food is a billion-dollar business and when everyone would start eating healthy, that industry would die. Causing a lot of problems like unemployment and probably another economic crisis.

My conclusion after reading this book was that I want to adjust my diet a bit. I wanted to eat less sugar and more vegetables or fruit, less carb rich food like bread and pasta. So far so good to plan, but harder to really change. Still, I think it is a book which explains wonderfully why we all get sick when getting old. And it tells us how to prevent that.

What do you think about this book? Or about Paleo?



2 thoughts on “My Diet Bible

    • It is really interesting! The only thing is that when you have bought the Voedselzandloper itself, you don’t really need the Voedselzandloper cookbook as there are also recipes in the Voedselzandloper itself.

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