The Secret (3)

I told you before that I have read the book The Secret and that I wanted to apply some things from that book onto my life. I also told you about my plan to use that book to improve my life. That was three weeks ago, time for an update!

How is it going?
Well, to be honest, it is going very bad. I don’t watch the short motivation video as often as I wanted. And I do see the secret sentences I made on a daily basis but somehow I almost never read them. I try to think more positive, and to stop negative thoughts as soon as possible but it is hard.And I still haven’t won the lottery yet. Regarding the book that is probably because I don’t live like I did win it, but that is mainly because I don’t have time to shop. When I would win the lottery I would shop a lot but at the moment that is just not possible next to my study, work and social life.

I need to change things. I need to watch the video the 3 times a week as I want to do that. And I should read my sentences every single day. I try recalling them on my way to the university but I always miss a few because I don’t know them by heart, at least not yet.

In short, it is going not so good, but I will change that. Or at least I want to change that. I just need to make time for it. But I have to remember my secret sentences! One of them is “I can do anything I want”, time to start doing everything I want!



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