Traveling is one of the things I want to keep doing in my life. I love seeing new places and being a real tourist. I don’t like mindlessly tanning on a beach for a week, I need something interesting to do. That is also why I love city-trips, there is always something to discover in a city. I thought it would be nice to tell you about my (city) trips and therefore today the first edition. This edition is about Berlin, my favourite German city.

I think I have visited Berlin three times by now and I think I will visit it again every few years. I love that city. You probably know that it is the capital city of Germany and it is pretty large with roughly 4 million inhabitants. For comparison, Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, has less than a million inhabitants but I find Amsterdam by far more busy and chaotic than Berlin. Berlin is an astonishing calm city.

I wanted to show you some of the perks of Berlin, things I like about it, but not the standard to-see list because that is boring. This is Berlin through my eyes, the way I see and perceive it.

When I visited Berlin for the first time, I noticed their way of concealing building sites. Here you can see what I mean, at a quick glance it looks like a normal building with a car advertisement on it. But on a second, or third, or fourth, glance you discover that it is actually a sheet of plastic or so which gives the appearance of a normal building. Very clever, and effective.

The prettiest church of Berlin, the Berliner Dom, very beautifful from the outside though it has a bit blackened through the years. During the evenings this church is often enlighted by colorful lamps which make it even more spectacular. I wanted to go inside the church as well, but that would have cost me 8 euro’s, which I thought was far too much.

The city mascot is a bear, also during my first and second visits this kind of statues were found throughout the city center. Numerous bears painted with different scenarios and colors. For me it was a game to spot as many bears as possible.

You might recognize the left tower as an old church tower, and that is correct. But the right one also belongs to the same church. The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche was ruined during World War II and the old part was kept as a war memorial whereas the new church was build next and connected to it. I think it is one of the most interesting buildings of Berlin.

A capital city needs a place to assemble the cabinet, and that happens normally in the room you can see here, well, in the room below with the blue chairs. Also one of the most interesting buildings of Berlin, the seat of the cabinet called ‘Reichstag’. The upper part of the building is open for public and sometimes you can look down upon filled chairs.

My favorite clock! Located on the Alexanderplatz. That’s all I have to say about it, it is a clock which displays time all over the world. Very fancy.

Berlin7 Berlin8Last but not least two places, on the left you see a shop dedicated to the old traffic sign of East-Germany, the Ampelmännchen. This kind of shop is located all over the city and is an ode to that traffic sign.
On the right you see the roof of the Berlin Sony Centre, an kind of office, restaurant, shop and entertainment center near Potsdammer Platz. A very modern and interesting roof, also enlighted with colored lamps during the evening.

Of course, Berlin has so much more. It has the best Zoo of Europe, a large château in the city and one outside the city, good shopping sprees, affordable stays and restaurants, a good and clear public transport netwerk..
In short, I find Berlin amazing and I think everyone should visit it. I am definitely going back to Berlin someday!




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