My precious

I have a thing for pretty things, I always pick the most expensive things. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, it does not matter, all my favorites are expensive. Luckily there are some things which are very pretty but also not that expensive. One of those things are gemstones.
Of course, real diamonds and sapphires or emeralds are expensive. But the world of gemstones is large and there are enough pretty stones which are not that expensive.

Today I want to show you my collection of gemstone pendants. It is a small selection but I also have a few rings and bracelets with gemstones which I will show you some other time. All stones do have various characteristics and applications in healthcare and spiritual ways but I will not dwell on that. I do have to admit that some of the stones are bought because of that applications but I don’t really believe in it. Also it has no scientific background and therefore I will not talk about it.

The first gemstone I want to show you is an Aventurine. Most often a green stone but it can also have various other colors. Technically it is quartz infused with the green colouring agent called fuchsite.

This blue gemstone is a Chalcedony. Again this is quartz though it is unclear why it is white/blue-ish. It is a brotherof the Aventurine. I have bought it because it could help with eczema, theoretically, but it didn’t hurt to try.

I am not sure what kind of gemstone this is, it is mostly black with some white specks. I thought it was an onyx but I think it may rather be a tourmaline, which occurs more frequently.

It is a bit hard to see, but this is a green gemstone with red specks. Also called Heliotrope or bloodstone (after the red spots).

Another gemstone and I don’t exactly know which one it is. I think it is a red Jasper but it can be anything as there are a lot of stones similar to Jasper.

The last gemstone I want to show you today is a Ruby. It is no high-quality Ruby because those are really expensive, but it is one. It is a small, deep red stone.

This are my gemstone pendants. I don’t wear them often because I don’t really wear necklaces. I do have a lot more gemstones but those I will show you some other time.

What is your favourite gemstone?



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