The day everyone goes crazy..

Monarchs do have birthdays, like normal people do. And for the Dutch people that is a reason to have a party. Well, party is maybe even an understatement, Dutch people go crazy that particular day.

The last half century at least it was called Queensday and celebrated on the 30th of April. But last year the Queen gave her throne to her son and the date got changed to his actual birthday: 27th of April. Also it is now called Kingsday, but that change is logically.

It’s the day that everything turns orange, houses, people, streets, anything. And they go out in masses, party everywhere. And I hate it. I really do.
I don’t like the colour orange, unless with flowers.
I don’t like masses of people.
I don’t like loud music.
I don’t like big parties.
And the worst part? It all starts Friday night with Kings’ Night.

Whenever I have the chance, I leave the country for a day. And I return when the worst is over. After that, I have peace for a year.
Let’s get this over with!



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