My Beauty Wish-List

Today a list for you, my beauty wish-list. It took a while to gather a list of things I wanted because, honestly, I have almost everything I want. Gosh, that sounds spoiled, but really I have a lot of beauty-stuff. Even more than I will ever use up and I am still buying more. But to be honest, I only buy things I really want to have. Enough of that, time for my list!

  • A perfect foundation: very high on my list, a perfect foundation. Medium coverage, very light colour, not too expensive, and, the most important thing not irritating for my skin.
  • Nars products: I want to have a Nars blush, and maybe a highlighter though Albatross is not like my taste but Nars has a lot so I don’t doubt about finding something suitable.
  • Dior nailpolish: Dior has renewed its nailpolish and the new formula is looking very good. I don’t have a high end nailpolish yet but I will.
  • The Sleek Vintage Romance palette: this one is doable, I will buy this one in a few weeks, I think.
  • Sleek Rose Gold blush: I have one already, but it is broken, I dropped it on the floor. Twice. And it did not thank me for it. But it is so beautiful that I want a new one.
  • Brushes: especially eyeshadow-brushes, I want more. And few more face-brushes, like a blush brush, or a brush for highlighter.
  • Zoeva Brush Belt Set: this one. This also would complete my previous point.
  • Another YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick. Those are amazing. I own one but I want another one someday.
  • A perfect bronzer. I do have a bronzer, but I never use it. I might need more guide on how to use it.
  • A MAC-lipstick: also something I don’t own yet. But they seem to be great so I just want to try one sometime.

I think that is all I need right now. Or all I want for now. I don’t know whether I will extend my list, but this is quite complete.

What is on your beauty wish-list?



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