Sunday – Funday? (13)

I can’t believe that Easter is already a week ago. And it is already Sunday, time for a new Sunday-funday?! This week it is time for the letter J, and it is a lot easier than the letter I. Let’s see what songs I have for you today!

Juli – Zerrissen
Let’s start with one of my favourite German bands. Juli, I love them. This is one of their power ballads. A really beautiful song and I love to listen to it once in a while.

JoJo – Too Little Too late
JoJo has been forgotten in Europe, and I understand why, she has no special voice and was a teenage star. I only new her from the song ‘Leave (Get Out)‘ and someday I stumbled across this song. It fits perfect for break-ups as that is the theme of the song. Other than that, it is just a ballad.

Jonatha Brooke – I’ll try
I love this song. Somehow it gives me hope though it starts of as a sad song. Also, Jonatha Brooke has a wonderful voice which reminds me of Alanis Morissette. The weird thing about Jonatha is that I never listened to any other songs from her.

Jann Arden – Insensitive
Originally I wanted to post another song of Jann Arden, called At Seventeen, but I could not find a decent version of that song. This song, Insensitive, is another favourite of mine. She has a pleasant voice and it is a calm song. Of course, it is a ballad but I like the lyrics a lot.

Jon McLaughlin – Beautiful Disaster
One of the few male singers which belong to my favourites. Jon McLaughlin has beautiful lyrics and a perfect voice. He is featured in the Disney movie Enchanted and you might know him from there. Other than that, he is barely known in Europe which makes me a bit sad, he is so good! This song, Beautiful Disaster, is about the beauty within every single person. It is about insecurity, it kind of describes me, or at least how I felt during high school. I can still relate to this song, more than I wish.

So, that was it. This week it are exclusively ballads, I really like them as you might have noticed. I hope you liked them as well!



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