Make-up Confidential TAG

Time for a TAG! I like lists and I like questions, when you put that together you get a TAG. This TAG is about my beauty-stash, and I hope that I can answer all the questions.

All Make-up1

  1. What is the oldest item in your collection?
    That is a hard question, I think it is my Catrice Mineral soft powder rouge in the colour 120 Wild Rouge.
  2. What is the newest item?
    The newest item in my stash is a chubby stick from P2 which I will review in the next weeks.
  3. What is the most expensive item?
    No doubt, my Dior palettes. Number 734 Grège and 374 Blue Lagoon. I use them far too less, but they are so pretty!
  4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you use a lot!)
    Ai, I use a lot of middle-class drugstore brands and I have to admit, a lot of high end (especially lipsticks). I think the most-used budget thing I have is my Essence gel eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris.
  5. What was the biggest bargain?
    I most often buy my make-up during sales, like 1+1 free, or 50% off. But I think the biggest bargain was the 3 for 15 Euro for Rimmel and Sally Hansen products during the ‘Huishoudbeurs’.
  6. What was the biggest waste of money?
    Numerous foundations which were not my colour, I bought a lot of them but I have thrown them out as I can not use them unless I want to look like a crazy patient.
  7. What product have you brought but forgotten about?
    Generally, eyeliners. I have a lot of them but haven’t been using them for at least half a year.
  8. What product is good quality for money?
    The Essence lipsticks, and the Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks. Oh and Sleek Palettes, they are amazing. They really are!
    Catrice EssenceSleek1
  9. Three products you’ve been loving at the moment?
    That is a hard one. I think that my most loved products at the moment are my Clarins lipstick in colour 707, a my lips but better colour, perfect for everyday. The Oriflame Wonder lash mascara, it’s no impressive mascara but it separates my lashes perfectly. And last but not least, my Essence all about matt! compact powder, a transparent powder which I use a lot lately.
    ClarinsOriflame1 Essence3Essence Clarins Oriflame

That was the Make-up Confidential TAG. I hope you liked it!

All Make-up2Love,


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