De Tuinen – Apricot Scrub

There are some things which I really need. One of them is body scrub. I don’t have a certain brand of body scrub that I use the most. This time I decided to try one from De Tuinen, the Apricot scrub from their own brand.

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub4

This is it, a simple tube with apricot coloured decorations. Nothing special, also not too expensive when in sale. (Normal price, 6,99.)

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub3

The ingredients are nothing special, the most interesting things are the real apricot seeds as scrub. Further than that it is interesting that they say that it has no perfume but it contains Rosewood oil and Citus oil. Apparently that does not count as perfume. People with a sensitive skin might skip it because it contains linalool and limonene which are can irritate the skin.

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub2De Tuinen Apricot Scrub1

The scrub seemed a nice, creamy substance with enough scrubbing particles. But in the end, when using it, I discovered I need a lot more than I thought as the particles are far too less. That results in using a lot of scrub every time and I don’t like that. My previous scrub lasted for at least half an year but I feel that I won’t make that with this one.

My conclusions?
It is a nice scrub when you just like the idea of scrubbing slightly. For a rigorous scrub I need to use too much for my taste. I don’t think I will buy this again because it does not fulfil my wishes.



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