Hi guys,

I decided to stop with my blog. At least for a while. I started blogging with a lot of ideas and a whole plan of how I wanted it to turn out. I wanted to blog about ingredients, about truth, about science. But I have no time to do that. The result is this blog, a blog which is a mix between lifestyle, random stuff, mindstyle, beauty and personal things.

This is not how I wanted it to be.

I don’t want to keep pushing myself everyday just to put a blog online. It would be fine if my quality was a lot better, but it is not. I don’t want to pollute the web with any more crappy posts.

I’m sorry.


My Favourites (2)

Time for some new favourites. Last time I showed you my favourite cars, today I want to tell you about my favourite colours. I am very happy that we have the ability to see in colour and I could not imagine a world without colours. It would not be that important when we wouldn’t know better, but we do. Everyone has some favourite colours and today I want to show you mine.

  • Purple. My top 1 colour is purple, especially with a hint of red like bordeaux (some call bordeaux¬† red, but I think it is more purple). But I love all shades of purple, except for pastel but I hate pastel in general. Purple is associated with a lot but mainly with wealth and influence, like royalty and faith.
  • Turquoise. A wonderful, brilliant colour. It has something magical in my eyes, it is not green, not blue, but still beautiful. I love it. Here you can read a bit about its meaning.
  • Green. Especially dark green, it is calm and reminds me of forest. I like trees and green is the colour of nature. I can’t really explain what I like about (dark) green, but somehow it appeals to me. It is associated with nature, hope, youth but also with envy.
  • Brown. A lot of people dislike brown, and I can understand it as a lot of unpleasant things are brown. But brown is warm, and mellow and a lot of good things (like nuts) are also brown. Brown is associated with decency and earth.
  • Grey. I am not sure if grey is a colour or not. Normally I would not count it as a colour because in my opinion black and white are also no colours. But on the other hand, grey can have a lot of sub-colours. Grey can have a hint of blue, green, red, basically every colour. The colour grey is associated with boredom and conformity, secrecy and uncertainty.
  • Hard Pink. I dislike pink, except for shades of pink which are really bright. Contrary to popular belief, pink is not one of the most liked colours. I like tones like magenta and fuchsia.
  • Red. One of the most powerful colours, red. It is associated with blood, courage, passion, aggression and danger. A very versatile colour. I like especially cool-toned shades of red, but that is mainly because warm-toned red is orange, and I hate orange.

This were my 7 favourite colours, in order from most favourite to likeable. You might wonder why I did not write something about the colour blue. The fact is that I like blue, but I love turquoise and basically that is a shade of blue.

What is your favourite colour?



My green monster

I got my drivers license in July 2012 but as you all know, I use public transport to go to my university. The main reason for that is that I can’t park near my university. It would be twice as quick, as long as there is no traffic jam.

Luckily for me, we have a second car which I am allowed to drive every now and then. It is a green Saab which I call my tank. Or my green monster, what is also the title of this blogpost. It is a quite old car, but not old enough to be an old-timer. And the car is solid, very solid. One of those older types which survives anything. In a car crash I would probably be fine whereas the other car would be total loss. (But so far no accidents, fingers crossed, so I don’t really know whether that is the true situation).

I love to drive. I don’t what it is exactly, but I just love to drive. Especially highway, driving at 100 kilometres an hour or even faster. Though I dislike too much traffic, and especially large trucks are no friend of mine. I am always afraid that they don’t see me and they always drive too close together. I also like to accelerate faster than others after a red traffic light, I like the race. But I never drive too fast, I stay near the limit. Sometimes I even fantasize that I am a professional racer (though never when actually driving). And sometimes I really wish I would be a racer. But I am not and I probably never will be but that does not matter as long as I am able to drive a normal car.

Well, it is clear by now that I love to drive, but I like sitting in the passenger seat a lot less. I am one of those passengers which watches the road a bit too close. Sometimes it is really hard for me to maintain quiet, but I am working on it.