Isn’t it ironic

I think that starting with yoga was one of the best things I could ever have done. I truly believe that before I started with doing yoga regularly I went through a whole sub-conscious process. But since I started with yoga, I discovered multiple new things about myself.
I can call them revelations but that might be a bit too much. I came from a dark place in my mind, a place where I did not feel worthy of existing. I thought of myself as a failure, I wanted to die, to just stop existing because life was so hard, so painful, and so dark. I was unhappy in every aspect. Nothing was good enough. I was not good enough.

Somewhere along the way, I was done with myself. I do not remember what really happened but when I am now looking back, I can clearly see the difference. Just a few weeks ago, I realised that it took me more than 16 years to realise that I am beautiful, and that I belong in this world. When I now look into the mirror, I see a beautiful young woman. And I think that this is another important step on the road to a happy life.

My story goes on…


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