Fitness-update (6)

Hi guys, and girls,

It has been more than two years since my last fitness update. A lot has happened during those two years and since I’ve started a new work-out routine I thought it’d be nice to write an update.
Also, I hope that blogging about it will help me stick to it.

In my last update (click here) I wrote about some issues with my shoulder and that I just had bought my hiking boots. Also I wanted to work out more.
That did not really go well. I did spend 10 days in Austria, hiking almost every day during August 2014. And I did some occasional work outs. But I had no routine, no motivation, to stick to a good work out.

To be completely honest, being in a dark place does not help with sticking to a work out but by now, two years later I have improved some things.
First of all, I started with yoga. I started with Bikram Yoga (a pre-defined set of 26 poses at approximately 42 degrees Celcius), which I loved, but my skin hated. So after 20 times of going to Bikram, I dropped out since I was permanently itchy and covered with rashes.

Thas was Summer 2015 already and a few weeks later I started with another yoga class. I am still going to that one, though it is very calm and has also some yoga-theory and a lot of meditation. Which actually helps me in becoming calmer and, at least I hope so, more balanced.

I have not written about it here, but sinds March 2016, I am working 40 hours a week. My company often participates in runs and since I thought it would be nice to join them once in a while, I started running. Funny enough I have hated running forever, I tried several times but never pulled through since I had no patience to build it all up.
This time I am running with a program which tells me when to run, when to walk and so far so good. I am almost done with week 2 and it is going pretty well, as long as I do not quit.

The only thing I really need to do more, is lifting weights, since I want to become stronger.

So, that was my update. I think I have improved a bit, sort of. Working hard on a version 3.0 of myself!!