General update

Hi there!

It is funny how you lose track of time whenever your life is busier than anticipated.

So many things have happened during the past year and I have not written anything for a long time. Time for a quick update!

My life changed completely, I am still miserable, since that is not that easy to get rid off after feeling like shit for the past 15 years, but there are some changes for the better.

I got a permanent contract, travelled some more for my job, bought an apartment, got into a new relationship (still not sure how on earth that happened) and I got a dog. Oh and somehow all my close friends moved out of the country, but hey, who needs friends anyway, right?

About Disenchanted Dreams
I am truly sorry that I did not post for so long. Writing has been my way of coping with stuff for a long time and I let it slide. Not sure if I did not need it or if I just ignored my needs to keep on going.
I am still not sure what the purpose of Disenchanted Dreams is, for now it is my online, irregular diary. My ‘secret’ place to blow of steam, to let all the darkness out. To find a way to relieve my darkness into the world so I can let go and move on.
A place to share my story, to show that life ís tough, growing up sucks. And I am hoping you will join me in my journey to discover if life can be fun again.

This is NOT and never will be a self-harm promoting blog. I will write about my struggles with my (undiagnosed) depression and my personal experiences with life. I strongly encourage you to do what I do not, to seek professional help. For most people that helps, for me, I am still not in a place where I can accept help from anyone. After all, I am my own worst enemy.




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