How not to buy an apartment

Hi folks,

let me tell you how I bought my place and all the struggles that came with it.

First of all, I was so not prepared for all that is part of owning a place. Buying itself is actually the easy part.
Finding it took me a few months but I was lucky, I bought it just before the housing market more or less exploded. Prices went up like crazy, and still are quite high, but I was just in time to avoid all that.

I bought a small (71 square meters) flat, in an older building (build in 1972) in the town where I grew up. I love to move to another city but that was just too expensive so that is on hold for now.

Trouble started once I started renovating parts of it. I had trouble with the guy who re-did my bathroom and separate toilet, which took a while but it is settled now. Nonetheless it is not 100% the way I wanted it to be and that is still hard to accept and let go.

In general, probably it counts for every old building, none of the walls is straight. Your rooms are rectangular, but the corners are definitely not 90 degrees, the walls are not straight and neither is the ceiling. I re-did the kitchen myself, with my parents and that was a real challenge. All cupboards, closets, counter etc were straight and levelled, but the floor and wall were not. The purest nightmare.

Every problem we solved, resulted in another problem.

By now I moved in, it is not a 100% done but it is liveable. And it is great to have my own space and place. But the responsibilities that come with it are overwhelming.
Working 40+ hours a week, having a dog and boyfriend (who does not live with me) and running a household at the same time is exhausting.



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