I will win the lottery

Yes I will. Maybe I should say I have won the lottery to tune my mind like The Secret. But untill now, I mainly dream about winning the lottery.

I already have a plan about what to do with the money.

I would buy a house like this.And then I would buy a horse. And I’d go shopping.
I’d buy a new set of clothes, basics mostly. A few Levi’s jeans, some hand-made leather shoes, some nice shirts and a lot of cashmere clothing. I absolutely adore cashmere clothing! Oh and I’d buy real satin sheets.

I also would go to a professional salon like Rob Peetoom to get a new hairdo. I might even colour it, and I would pamper myself at one of the luxurious spa’s in Amsterdam while staying at the Waldorf Astoria, or Hilton, or any of the other top-hotels.

After the spa-treatment, or the day after I would buy a few cosmetic things. Brushes and foundation from MAC. Eyeshadows from Bobbi Brown, skincare from La Mer or La Prarie. Or Shisheido, or everything 🙂 And I would buy a Mulberry bag. I love that brand but unfortunately it is a bit too pricy for me. Until I have won a few million euro’s of course.

I hope I did not buy that horse yet, because first I will travel around the world. I want to go to New York, cross-country through Canada. I want to go to Jamaica, Suriname, the Antilles, Chile,  Argentina. I want to travel through Kenia, South-Africa, Egypt and Jordan. I want to travel through India (though only highly secured..), Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia. And I want to go to Australia and New Zealand. And to all of Europe but that is close at home.
After that world trip I want to buy a horse, 2 dogs and 2 cats (or more, not sure yet) and want to enjoy my life in my perfect house together with the love of my life.

In short, I am going to win the lottery. I will. Because until now, all I have is the love of my life. It is a lot, but I want to pursue the rest as well and I am sure I will!


De Tuinen – Apricot Scrub

There are some things which I really need. One of them is body scrub. I don’t have a certain brand of body scrub that I use the most. This time I decided to try one from De Tuinen, the Apricot scrub from their own brand.

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub4

This is it, a simple tube with apricot coloured decorations. Nothing special, also not too expensive when in sale. (Normal price, €6,99.)

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub3

The ingredients are nothing special, the most interesting things are the real apricot seeds as scrub. Further than that it is interesting that they say that it has no perfume but it contains Rosewood oil and Citus oil. Apparently that does not count as perfume. People with a sensitive skin might skip it because it contains linalool and limonene which are can irritate the skin.

De Tuinen Apricot Scrub2De Tuinen Apricot Scrub1

The scrub seemed a nice, creamy substance with enough scrubbing particles. But in the end, when using it, I discovered I need a lot more than I thought as the particles are far too less. That results in using a lot of scrub every time and I don’t like that. My previous scrub lasted for at least half an year but I feel that I won’t make that with this one.

My conclusions?
It is a nice scrub when you just like the idea of scrubbing slightly. For a rigorous scrub I need to use too much for my taste. I don’t think I will buy this again because it does not fulfil my wishes.


Make-up Confidential TAG

Time for a TAG! I like lists and I like questions, when you put that together you get a TAG. This TAG is about my beauty-stash, and I hope that I can answer all the questions.

All Make-up1

  1. What is the oldest item in your collection?
    That is a hard question, I think it is my Catrice Mineral soft powder rouge in the colour 120 Wild Rouge.
  2. What is the newest item?
    The newest item in my stash is a chubby stick from P2 which I will review in the next weeks.
  3. What is the most expensive item?
    No doubt, my Dior palettes. Number 734 Grège and 374 Blue Lagoon. I use them far too less, but they are so pretty!
  4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you use a lot!)
    Ai, I use a lot of middle-class drugstore brands and I have to admit, a lot of high end (especially lipsticks). I think the most-used budget thing I have is my Essence gel eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris.
  5. What was the biggest bargain?
    I most often buy my make-up during sales, like 1+1 free, or 50% off. But I think the biggest bargain was the 3 for 15 Euro for Rimmel and Sally Hansen products during the ‘Huishoudbeurs’.
  6. What was the biggest waste of money?
    Numerous foundations which were not my colour, I bought a lot of them but I have thrown them out as I can not use them unless I want to look like a crazy patient.
  7. What product have you brought but forgotten about?
    Generally, eyeliners. I have a lot of them but haven’t been using them for at least half a year.
  8. What product is good quality for money?
    The Essence lipsticks, and the Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks. Oh and Sleek Palettes, they are amazing. They really are!
    Catrice EssenceSleek1
  9. Three products you’ve been loving at the moment?
    That is a hard one. I think that my most loved products at the moment are my Clarins lipstick in colour 707, a my lips but better colour, perfect for everyday. The Oriflame Wonder lash mascara, it’s no impressive mascara but it separates my lashes perfectly. And last but not least, my Essence all about matt! compact powder, a transparent powder which I use a lot lately.
    ClarinsOriflame1 Essence3Essence Clarins Oriflame

That was the Make-up Confidential TAG. I hope you liked it!

All Make-up2Love,

My Beauty Wish-List

Today a list for you, my beauty wish-list. It took a while to gather a list of things I wanted because, honestly, I have almost everything I want. Gosh, that sounds spoiled, but really I have a lot of beauty-stuff. Even more than I will ever use up and I am still buying more. But to be honest, I only buy things I really want to have. Enough of that, time for my list!

  • A perfect foundation: very high on my list, a perfect foundation. Medium coverage, very light colour, not too expensive, and, the most important thing not irritating for my skin.
  • Nars products: I want to have a Nars blush, and maybe a highlighter though Albatross is not like my taste but Nars has a lot so I don’t doubt about finding something suitable.
  • Dior nailpolish: Dior has renewed its nailpolish and the new formula is looking very good. I don’t have a high end nailpolish yet but I will.
  • The Sleek Vintage Romance palette: this one is doable, I will buy this one in a few weeks, I think.
  • Sleek Rose Gold blush: I have one already, but it is broken, I dropped it on the floor. Twice. And it did not thank me for it. But it is so beautiful that I want a new one.
  • Brushes: especially eyeshadow-brushes, I want more. And few more face-brushes, like a blush brush, or a brush for highlighter.
  • Zoeva Brush Belt Set: this one. This also would complete my previous point.
  • Another YSL Rouge VoluptĂ© lipstick. Those are amazing. I own one but I want another one someday.
  • A perfect bronzer. I do have a bronzer, but I never use it. I might need more guide on how to use it.
  • A MAC-lipstick: also something I don’t own yet. But they seem to be great so I just want to try one sometime.

I think that is all I need right now. Or all I want for now. I don’t know whether I will extend my list, but this is quite complete.

What is on your beauty wish-list?



A long time ago, I read a review on Miss Lipgloss about Nonique. A brand she is selling in her shop which uses a lot of organic ingredients. My skin is, as I told you in a personal update, quite sensitive and I have noticed that I react best to plant-based lotions and to very mild formulas.
I was ordering some things from her shop anyway and I decided to try the Nonique bodylotion. After a bit of research I decided to take the anti-aging formula because the ingredients of that lotion seemed the most appealing to me.

This is it, a simple white plastic tube with the brand name and pink details because the anti-ageing line is pink-colored. Also nice about Nonique is that they are 100% vegan, don’t test on animals, don’t use synthetic perfume or colouring agents. Furthermore they don’t use silicons and parabens and so called PEG-groups (they improve skin penetration). They also don’t use palm oil which has a huge negative environmental influence.


But what do they use? This is a list of ingredients:

*biologically cultivated
**from natural essential oils

Looks quite good, though I did not really like the perfume even though it is made from a natural source. But other than that, the ingredients look really good.


This is how the body lotion looks, it is a creamy white substance but not as thick as a body butter. Smeared out it just leaves a smooth hydrated spot of skin, at least on my hand. Before this I used the Dermolin body butter (review will be coming in a month or so) and that kept my skin hydrated for days. The Nonique body lotion does not do that. I need to apply it every single day and even then I find it not hydrating enough for the dry spots.

My conclusion?
It is a very appealing body lotion. I really like the ingredients except for the perfume. But it does not work for me. It is not hydrating enough for my dry skin. I think that it is a great body lotion for a normal to slightly dry skin.

La Palpitante – Chanel

Today something I wanted for a long time. Well, not exactly this particular lipstick but still, I wanted something like this for a long time. Last year I bought the beautiful Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in number 34 La Raffinée. That is an astonishing matte lipstick in a sweet pink/purple shade. Soon after using that particular lipstick for the first time, I decided I wanted another Chanel lipstick. And thus I bought one after a long search.

Chanel-La-Palpitante-3 Chanel-La-Palpitante-4
I love the luxe packaging, the gold with black and the white letters. I love the sleek, black, shell with the ‘click’-mechanism to open it. And then, when you have taken the lipstick out of its shell you have a beautiful lipstick in a golden cover. The lipstick itself has “Chanel” imprinted and has no sharp edges. Pure luxury, lovely.

Somehow it was very hard to capture the real colour, it looks the most like on the right. It is a blueish, pinkish shade of red. A very cool shade, suitable for my skin. Down below you can see the ingredients and carton cover, both nothing special. Simple and functional, that’s it.

Chanel-La-Palpitante-6 Chanel-La-Palpitante-7

This are the swatches on my skin:
Chanel-La-Palpitante-7 Chanel-La-Palpitante-8
It seems to be a normal shade of red but when you look carefully, you can see the blue undertone. This swatch has been made with multiple applications of lipstick to my arm. The coverage on my arm was therefore not very good but I also tried it on my lips and there it covered a lot better.

Overall, it is a nice lipstick, I think I like my Rouge Allure Velvet more but this seems to be a perfect (or the?) lipstick for me. And I can’t wait to wear this one more often. But on the other hand it is nothing special, I have better covering lipsticks which were only 89 cents. But still, this is Chanel! It’s a piece of affordable luxury and for me, once in a while, that is definitely worth it!



TAG! Are you a real beautyfreak?

Time for something new: a TAG! I think I will do a TAG like every month, or every three weeks, I don’t know yet. Today it is time for the first one, it is called ‘Are you a real beautyfreak?’, well let’s find out!

  1. What the most recent beauty product that you bought, that you had to save up money for?
    I am luckily wealthy enough to be able to buy whatever I want. At least when beauty products are concerned. Though my most expensive purchases are my Dior eyeshadow palettes. I have two of them now and I love them though I don’t use them as much as I should.
  2. If you were a beautyproduct, what would you be and why?
    I think I would be a primer, or a foundation. I am the silent girl, the one who doesn’t stand out. (Well, except for my make-up as I am one of the few who are actually wearing make-up in daily life..)
    Primers and foundations are the base you need for a flawless make-up but otherwise they don’t stand out, like me.
  3. How many girlfriends do you have, that you can talk to about that perfect blush or that fabulous eyeshadow?
    Well, that’s an easy one! I have no girlfriends to talk about beauty-stuff. There is one person where I sometimes talk to about new beauty products. But that occasions are sparse and for the rest.. there is no one else.
  4. When was the last time you have thrown away makeup?
    Uhm, this week? Once in a while I look through my stash and clean it up. Products that I don’t use any more like kohl pencils and mono eyeshadows (and sometimes a palette) are going to my mom or thrown away.
  5. How did the makeupmadness start with you?
    Actually, I don’t really know. I only remember that I started using my mothers kohl pencils in turquoise (I love that colour!). And I had a cheap palette with a lot of colours but I rarely used it. Somewhere in the past 4 years I started following beautyblogs and my stash started growing.
  6. When a non-makeupfreak asks you how many nailpolishes or eyeshadow you have, do you give an honest answer?
    Sure! Why not? Everyone probably already knows that I love make up and I am proud on my stash. The only problem is that I don’t really know how many nailpolishes or eyeshadows I actually have…
  7. How many times do you stop by the drugstore when you don’t really need something?
    About once a month? Normally I only go there when I think I really need or want something. But most often I don’t buy anything. For example, I was looking for the Essence All About Nude palette but could never find it. Until this week! And of course I bought it though I don’t really need it.
    (But it is a great addition to my stash, so I am happy.)
  8. How much time do you spend each day on the internet, reading about beauty?
    Let’s see, I read about 7,5 blogs about beauty a day. (One is partly beauty so that counts as a half!). And most of them I read twice a day, so I think I am at least busy for an hour a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It is my relax-moment.
  9. What’s your favourite make-up item?
    Mascara, I think. But I love it all! Especially lipstick and eyeshadow! Those three items are really the favourites.
  10. Do you have a wish list, and how many items are on it?
    I did, but not any more. I really wanted the blush from the 2014 Spring Collection of Yves Saint Laurent. But it is not available in the Netherlands. No where. Not even in the most exclusive make-up stores. For the rest, I might want some Zoeva palettes, brushes and blushes. And another Sleek palette (those are so awesome!). But that can wait.

So, that was the tag. Overall I think I am a beautyfreak though I haven’t lost my mind completely in my stash. Or at least not yet.

What do you think?