I will win the lottery

Yes I will. Maybe I should say I have won the lottery to tune my mind like The Secret. But untill now, I mainly dream about winning the lottery.

I already have a plan about what to do with the money.

I would buy a house like this.And then I would buy a horse. And I’d go shopping.
I’d buy a new set of clothes, basics mostly. A few Levi’s jeans, some hand-made leather shoes, some nice shirts and a lot of cashmere clothing. I absolutely adore cashmere clothing! Oh and I’d buy real satin sheets.

I also would go to a professional salon like Rob Peetoom to get a new hairdo. I might even colour it, and I would pamper myself at one of the luxurious spa’s in Amsterdam while staying at the Waldorf Astoria, or Hilton, or any of the other top-hotels.

After the spa-treatment, or the day after I would buy a few cosmetic things. Brushes and foundation from MAC. Eyeshadows from Bobbi Brown, skincare from La Mer or La Prarie. Or Shisheido, or everything 🙂 And I would buy a Mulberry bag. I love that brand but unfortunately it is a bit too pricy for me. Until I have won a few million euro’s of course.

I hope I did not buy that horse yet, because first I will travel around the world. I want to go to New York, cross-country through Canada. I want to go to Jamaica, Suriname, the Antilles, Chile,  Argentina. I want to travel through Kenia, South-Africa, Egypt and Jordan. I want to travel through India (though only highly secured..), Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia. And I want to go to Australia and New Zealand. And to all of Europe but that is close at home.
After that world trip I want to buy a horse, 2 dogs and 2 cats (or more, not sure yet) and want to enjoy my life in my perfect house together with the love of my life.

In short, I am going to win the lottery. I will. Because until now, all I have is the love of my life. It is a lot, but I want to pursue the rest as well and I am sure I will!

My Favourites (2)

Time for some new favourites. Last time I showed you my favourite cars, today I want to tell you about my favourite colours. I am very happy that we have the ability to see in colour and I could not imagine a world without colours. It would not be that important when we wouldn’t know better, but we do. Everyone has some favourite colours and today I want to show you mine.

  • Purple. My top 1 colour is purple, especially with a hint of red like bordeaux (some call bordeaux  red, but I think it is more purple). But I love all shades of purple, except for pastel but I hate pastel in general. Purple is associated with a lot but mainly with wealth and influence, like royalty and faith.
  • Turquoise. A wonderful, brilliant colour. It has something magical in my eyes, it is not green, not blue, but still beautiful. I love it. Here you can read a bit about its meaning.
  • Green. Especially dark green, it is calm and reminds me of forest. I like trees and green is the colour of nature. I can’t really explain what I like about (dark) green, but somehow it appeals to me. It is associated with nature, hope, youth but also with envy.
  • Brown. A lot of people dislike brown, and I can understand it as a lot of unpleasant things are brown. But brown is warm, and mellow and a lot of good things (like nuts) are also brown. Brown is associated with decency and earth.
  • Grey. I am not sure if grey is a colour or not. Normally I would not count it as a colour because in my opinion black and white are also no colours. But on the other hand, grey can have a lot of sub-colours. Grey can have a hint of blue, green, red, basically every colour. The colour grey is associated with boredom and conformity, secrecy and uncertainty.
  • Hard Pink. I dislike pink, except for shades of pink which are really bright. Contrary to popular belief, pink is not one of the most liked colours. I like tones like magenta and fuchsia.
  • Red. One of the most powerful colours, red. It is associated with blood, courage, passion, aggression and danger. A very versatile colour. I like especially cool-toned shades of red, but that is mainly because warm-toned red is orange, and I hate orange.

This were my 7 favourite colours, in order from most favourite to likeable. You might wonder why I did not write something about the colour blue. The fact is that I like blue, but I love turquoise and basically that is a shade of blue.

What is your favourite colour?



My precious

I have a thing for pretty things, I always pick the most expensive things. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, it does not matter, all my favorites are expensive. Luckily there are some things which are very pretty but also not that expensive. One of those things are gemstones.
Of course, real diamonds and sapphires or emeralds are expensive. But the world of gemstones is large and there are enough pretty stones which are not that expensive.

Today I want to show you my collection of gemstone pendants. It is a small selection but I also have a few rings and bracelets with gemstones which I will show you some other time. All stones do have various characteristics and applications in healthcare and spiritual ways but I will not dwell on that. I do have to admit that some of the stones are bought because of that applications but I don’t really believe in it. Also it has no scientific background and therefore I will not talk about it.

The first gemstone I want to show you is an Aventurine. Most often a green stone but it can also have various other colors. Technically it is quartz infused with the green colouring agent called fuchsite.

This blue gemstone is a Chalcedony. Again this is quartz though it is unclear why it is white/blue-ish. It is a brotherof the Aventurine. I have bought it because it could help with eczema, theoretically, but it didn’t hurt to try.

I am not sure what kind of gemstone this is, it is mostly black with some white specks. I thought it was an onyx but I think it may rather be a tourmaline, which occurs more frequently.

It is a bit hard to see, but this is a green gemstone with red specks. Also called Heliotrope or bloodstone (after the red spots).

Another gemstone and I don’t exactly know which one it is. I think it is a red Jasper but it can be anything as there are a lot of stones similar to Jasper.

The last gemstone I want to show you today is a Ruby. It is no high-quality Ruby because those are really expensive, but it is one. It is a small, deep red stone.

This are my gemstone pendants. I don’t wear them often because I don’t really wear necklaces. I do have a lot more gemstones but those I will show you some other time.

What is your favourite gemstone?


My Favourites

I have a new series for you! Every once in a while I will share with you my 10 favourites of any possible subject. This can be about instruments, cars, mansions, travel destinations, colours, plants etcetera. You name it and I will select myf avourites. Today I will start with my 10 favourite cars, here we go!

First a disclaimer, I claim no rights or any credits for the images used. They are taken from the official retailer’s/ manufacturer’s website when possible (click on the image to get to the source).

Ferrari 458 Italia
The Ferrari 458 Italia, one of the most beautiful and powerful cars in the world. Though it is not as vast as the Bugatti Veyron and even slower than a Lotus or Lamborghini. But this car is so damn beautiful, it is even available in a deep burgundy shade which I find even lovelier than the usual Ferrari Red. (And to be honest, I just spent half an hour to make a custom Ferrari, luckily I don’t know what it would cost me to buy that custom car…)

Tesla S
This is a relatively new car, the Tesla S. An electrical car with a very streamlined exterior. The first time I saw one of these on the streets I was like, wow what is that for a nice car? I did not recognize it and a few weeks later I saw one up close. And I still found it an astonishing nice car. It looks like an expensive car but is far cheaper, and because it’s electrical, it is also very silent. This is a car from the next generation, this is our future.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
In my opinion, the best Alfa Romeo ever made. It is sporty, small, streamlined, and typical Alfa Romeo. And maybe this car will be mine someday. Alfa Romeo normally has gorgeous cars but the Giulietta stole my heart when it came out.

Audi R8 Coupé
Another gorgeous car! The Audi R8, a powerful monster, but a beautiful one. Its appearance is not that notable but its sound sure is. I secretly think that they put a big cat into the engine, it roars like a tiger! Audi is also one of those brands which just keep producing beautiful cars, I like that!

Jaguar XK Coupé
This is a real cat, the Jaguar XK CoupĂ©. Another sleek, fast sports car with a streamlined exterior. You might see the link in what I call beautiful cars. I don’t think I’ll ever buy this car but it is eye candy!

Maserati Gran Turismo
Another car which I probably never will posses but I love to look at it. The Maserati Gran Turismo is one of the more affordable luxury cars. It somehow looks a bit like the Jaguar XK but it is a lot more powerful, and it is custom made in Italy. I really love sports cars.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel
My all-time favourite is the Porsche Cayenne. I love all Porsche models except for the Panamera (that is one ugly duckling!) but the Cayenne is my favourite. The most gorgeous SUV ever made! I would prefer this one in black, with red accents and a grey leather interior. That would be my dream car!

So, enough cars for today. I think I have an expensive taste but that does not only count for cars. I love luxury, or at least, I love to dream about it though I do know that it is not a necessity.

What is your favourite car?