Busy Life

Hi guys!

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but somehow I don’t have the energy, or the time. Summer is over, sadly, and I feel like I have had no summer at all except for 2 weeks of holiday. So, what have I been doing the past few months?
Firstly, I have finished everything of my first internship and that kept me busy until the end of July. I am so happy that that is finished now.

Secondly, I applied and qualified for another internship, at a different research facility. I wanted to start with that internship in November, but that did not work out. Also, some things changed and I got permission to do my thesis at the same facility where I am doing my second internship which resulted in an earlier start date. Last Monday, the 15th of September, was the start date and wow, I have gotten so much information basically thrown at me. If that keeps going on like that, I’ll be very, ver busy for the next few months. But I will be getting paid for it, which is nice. Though it is not much but hey, money is money so I can’t complain (especially because the majority of internships is unpaid in the Netherlands). And my supervisor is very chaotic, always busy but very nice ánd we have the same music taste so that is awesome!

Thirdly, I have started with an internet-based course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics offered by Uppsala University. It is not very time consuming but as I have to do it after a busy day at my internship or after work, it is quite challenging. For now it is doable, I just make stupid mistakes as I misread things because I am so tired. But at least I get moderate to good grades so I am happy with that. Luckily it are only two lectures a week and 1 assignment. But it will continue till the end of October so that is quite a while. Especially because I will have another course in October (2 days a week) and a big exam for my part-time job.

So, basically I have no free time. I’ll be flying and running in circles for the next few months. I do miss the writing, but I need to focus on keeping myself happy. I am focussing on a better skin-routine as my skin is still very troubled, and I am still focussing on a better sport-regime. My holiday consisted of hiking in Austria, and I really miss that. The amount of activity was very high and that felt so good! But now, I lack the time and challenging tracks. I try to keep up a small sport-regime for my arms (push-ups and dip-downs) and stomach (alias, getting that six-pack back, I know it’s there). But that is pretty much all my extra exercise. Oh and I try to drink more water, because I drink far too less.
So, that was my update for you 🙂




Hi there!

I know it’s been a while since my last post. The reason is that since I’ve stopped blogging every day, it is totally out of my system. But here I am again, with an update of the past few months.

First I have finished my 9-months internship and I am looking forward to 10 days of holiday in Austria. After that I will start my second year of my masters degree and I will be busy full-time again.
Secondly, I am still not sporting enough. I don’t do much on my own and I am lazy as fuck. Though I am steady with my weight (actually I don’t even care about my kilo’s unless they are over a certain number), my shape is getting.. wider? I need to focus more on moving my legs and I should start again with either the 7-minute workout or the ab-challenge.

For the rest, nothing is changed much. I still work part-time, I still have the same boyfriend (going strong for more than three years now :)) and I am still living at home. Wiehoe.


The day everyone goes crazy..

Monarchs do have birthdays, like normal people do. And for the Dutch people that is a reason to have a party. Well, party is maybe even an understatement, Dutch people go crazy that particular day.

The last half century at least it was called Queensday and celebrated on the 30th of April. But last year the Queen gave her throne to her son and the date got changed to his actual birthday: 27th of April. Also it is now called Kingsday, but that change is logically.

It’s the day that everything turns orange, houses, people, streets, anything. And they go out in masses, party everywhere. And I hate it. I really do.
I don’t like the colour orange, unless with flowers.
I don’t like masses of people.
I don’t like loud music.
I don’t like big parties.
And the worst part? It all starts Friday night with Kings’ Night.

Whenever I have the chance, I leave the country for a day. And I return when the worst is over. After that, I have peace for a year.
Let’s get this over with!


The game a girl can play..

My boyfriend loves games, and than especially role playing games with fighting and shooting like World of Warcraft, Guildwars 2, Runescape and Diablo 3.
As a good girlfriend I tried playing those games as well but I was not as successful as he was.

World of Warcraft is a quite easy game but the rotating camera just made me sick. I prefer games with a fixed camera or a camera I can operate manually.
Guildwars 2 I did not really play but it didn’t seem that interesting to me.
Runescape is the most budget-like game as its graphics really suck. The game itself is quite easy but it is made more fun by adding a lot of crafting skills. Think that I liked those crafting things the most.

World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria (Source)

The last and only game I am still playing now and then is Diablo 3. Again a game which is quite easy (at least when you are a little bit overpowered by using the best gear you can get). Also it is playable without a lot of knowledge of the skills and gear as the game is really helping with determining whether a new found gear is better or not. Also the game is still in development and therefore there are still updates which keeps the game quality quite even.

Diablo 3, user interface (source)

Diablo 3 is a game that even a girl like me can play. I grew up playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, the Sims and other simple clicking games. Diablo is a bit more difficult than the Sims but it is still doable. Next to that, it is a game with a story line and that makes it even more fun.

Diablo 3, game screenshot, sorry for the zombies (source)

In short, when you are a girl like me and you want to try a different game, then I think that Diablo 3 might be suitable for you.
The only negative thing about Diablo 3 is the price, but that might get less over the years but it costs around 30 or 40 euro’s at the moment.



Fitness-update! (5)

Hi there!

Another two weeks have gone by, time goes really fast.  Time for a new update on my training. I told you in my last update that I needed to train more. And I still have to train more.
The good news is that I have done the 7-minute-workout a few times, well, 2 or 3 times to be exact. And you know that my plan is to do it three times a week so I train not often enough. One of the factors which make it hard is, again, my shoulder. It still is painful and that is very unpleasant during training.

I hope that by training more, the pain will become less as I build more muscles which support my shoulders and back. But that path is painful and probably time consuming. I am still a bit lazy.

Another positive development is the fact that I have real hiking boots now, and I need to break them in. And the best way to do that is by walking. So, additional to my plan for three times a week the 7-min workout, I now have the intention to walk at least one hour per week in my new hiking boots. I think that is doable and it is also necessary because I will need my hiking boots for my summer vacation. Time is running fast so I better start breaking them in as soon as possible. And to be honest, I already walked a few hours in them and that is going fine.

My future prospects are, again, to the 7-min workout as planned, three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And additionally, walking every week about an hour in my hiking boots.

Let’s get fit again!


My Favourites

I have a new series for you! Every once in a while I will share with you my 10 favourites of any possible subject. This can be about instruments, cars, mansions, travel destinations, colours, plants etcetera. You name it and I will select myf avourites. Today I will start with my 10 favourite cars, here we go!

First a disclaimer, I claim no rights or any credits for the images used. They are taken from the official retailer’s/ manufacturer’s website when possible (click on the image to get to the source).

Ferrari 458 Italia
The Ferrari 458 Italia, one of the most beautiful and powerful cars in the world. Though it is not as vast as the Bugatti Veyron and even slower than a Lotus or Lamborghini. But this car is so damn beautiful, it is even available in a deep burgundy shade which I find even lovelier than the usual Ferrari Red. (And to be honest, I just spent half an hour to make a custom Ferrari, luckily I don’t know what it would cost me to buy that custom car…)

Tesla S
This is a relatively new car, the Tesla S. An electrical car with a very streamlined exterior. The first time I saw one of these on the streets I was like, wow what is that for a nice car? I did not recognize it and a few weeks later I saw one up close. And I still found it an astonishing nice car. It looks like an expensive car but is far cheaper, and because it’s electrical, it is also very silent. This is a car from the next generation, this is our future.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
In my opinion, the best Alfa Romeo ever made. It is sporty, small, streamlined, and typical Alfa Romeo. And maybe this car will be mine someday. Alfa Romeo normally has gorgeous cars but the Giulietta stole my heart when it came out.

Audi R8 Coupé
Another gorgeous car! The Audi R8, a powerful monster, but a beautiful one. Its appearance is not that notable but its sound sure is. I secretly think that they put a big cat into the engine, it roars like a tiger! Audi is also one of those brands which just keep producing beautiful cars, I like that!

Jaguar XK Coupé
This is a real cat, the Jaguar XK CoupĂ©. Another sleek, fast sports car with a streamlined exterior. You might see the link in what I call beautiful cars. I don’t think I’ll ever buy this car but it is eye candy!

Maserati Gran Turismo
Another car which I probably never will posses but I love to look at it. The Maserati Gran Turismo is one of the more affordable luxury cars. It somehow looks a bit like the Jaguar XK but it is a lot more powerful, and it is custom made in Italy. I really love sports cars.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel
My all-time favourite is the Porsche Cayenne. I love all Porsche models except for the Panamera (that is one ugly duckling!) but the Cayenne is my favourite. The most gorgeous SUV ever made! I would prefer this one in black, with red accents and a grey leather interior. That would be my dream car!

So, enough cars for today. I think I have an expensive taste but that does not only count for cars. I love luxury, or at least, I love to dream about it though I do know that it is not a necessity.

What is your favourite car?



Fitness-update! (4)

Hi there!

My last fitness update was three weeks ago. THREE WEEKS. That is a long time. Though I already mentioned it a bit in my update about my guilty pleasures. In that update I told you that I stopped training again because of neck problems and lack of time. Technically I don’t need to post a new update because you already know everything. But, yes, there is a huge but.

I need your help.

Really, I need your tips and tricks on how to maintain my schedule. I am getting lax. For example, this Friday it was time for the 7-minute workout as I try to do it three times a week: Monday – Wednesday – Friday. But I also had to go to my work because I needed to ask something about the next day. So I cycled to work, and back of course, and did not do the 7-minute update. I have to admit that cycling to work already was some kind of an exercise but in total that is only 20 minutes of cycling. And it doesn’t train my arm and core muscles. (And it won’t give me a six-pack any time soon).

In short, I am cheating. A lot. I don’t do it when I am tired, I don’t do it when it is late, I don’t do it when I was already active during the day (like walking the 20 minutes to the train station after my internship).
Yesterday I had a good workout because I walked in my new hiking boots from home to the city centre and back. I think that was like 1,5 hours of walking.

Today I am planning to train again but I know that there is a chance that I won’t train correctly. And I don’t know you to change that. I can’t push myself to keep training. I do whatever I please even though I know I shouldn’t.

Does anyone have tips for me?