Sunday – Funday? (13)

I can’t believe that Easter is already a week ago. And it is already Sunday, time for a new Sunday-funday?! This week it is time for the letter J, and it is a lot easier than the letter I. Let’s see what songs I have for you today!

Juli – Zerrissen
Let’s start with one of my favourite German bands. Juli, I love them. This is one of their power ballads. A really beautiful song and I love to listen to it once in a while.

JoJo – Too Little Too late
JoJo has been forgotten in Europe, and I understand why, she has no special voice and was a teenage star. I only new her from the song ‘Leave (Get Out)‘ and someday I stumbled across this song. It fits perfect for break-ups as that is the theme of the song. Other than that, it is just a ballad.

Jonatha Brooke – I’ll try
I love this song. Somehow it gives me hope though it starts of as a sad song. Also, Jonatha Brooke has a wonderful voice which reminds me of Alanis Morissette. The weird thing about Jonatha is that I never listened to any other songs from her.

Jann Arden – Insensitive
Originally I wanted to post another song of Jann Arden, called At Seventeen, but I could not find a decent version of that song. This song, Insensitive, is another favourite of mine. She has a pleasant voice and it is a calm song. Of course, it is a ballad but I like the lyrics a lot.

Jon McLaughlin – Beautiful Disaster
One of the few male singers which belong to my favourites. Jon McLaughlin has beautiful lyrics and a perfect voice. He is featured in the Disney movie Enchanted and you might know him from there. Other than that, he is barely known in Europe which makes me a bit sad, he is so good! This song, Beautiful Disaster, is about the beauty within every single person. It is about insecurity, it kind of describes me, or at least how I felt during high school. I can still relate to this song, more than I wish.

So, that was it. This week it are exclusively ballads, I really like them as you might have noticed. I hope you liked them as well!



Sunday – Funday? (12)

This is already the twelfth edition of Sunday – Funday? That means that I am already blogging for three months! Woohoo! Let’s keep it up. Today it is time for the letter ‘I’, here we go! Unfortunately I could only find three artists/ bands starting with the I which I knew, but I still have five songs for you.

Idina Menzel – My Own Worst Enemy
A friend of mine introduced me to her music, and I fell in love with this song, and with Idina’s voice. She is an American actress and broadway star, she also played the Wicked witch Elphaba.

Idina Menzel – Let It Go
Idina, again, one of the best voices you can currently hear. And the official voice for Frozen’s Let It Go. Also a lot better than the Demi Lovato version. Idina’s voice is much more powerful compared to Demi’s.

Ich & Ich – Vom Selbem Stern
One of the best German bands, or at least one of my favourites. I often forget that German music can be good, but when I listen to it, I listen to this duo.

Ich & Ich – Stark
Another song by Ich & Ich, they often have meaning full lyrics and it is easy background music. Just the way I like it.

Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
Okay, this is not something I listen to. But it is my boyfriends favorite. I like the guitar-work in it but the vocals are not my thing.

So, this is it once again, the hardest edition so far. Up to the next edition! I hope you liked at least some of the songs.


Sunday – Funday? (11)

It is Sunday once again! Time for a new set of songs. This week I have the letter ‘H’ for you and I found it rather difficult. I don’t know that many artists which names start with ‘H’ but I managed. Here we go!

Hind – Summer All Over Again
She is rather unknown, as she was one of the many talent-show stars. And I have to admit that it isn’t a very special song and I don’t often listen to it. But it has something else that makes it special. The music video has been shot in a part which back then belonged to my highschool. It was the most beautiful part of my school, and part of the reason why I wanted to go to that specific school. I even remember the day that this video was made, the power of memories..

Hoobastank – The Reason
I have known this song for ages, and I love to sing it along. It is quite easy to sing along and therefore I often sang it while playing SingStar with friends. For the rest, it is a ballad, and a nice song. This is one of the songs I will always keep listening to.

Hilary Duff – Who’s That Girl
A song by one of my favourite Disney stars from a movie I watched at least twice. Sorry for the bad quality, but it is my favourite song from Hilary Duff. Currently it is rather quiet around her, but I think she has enough money to live her life like she wants it to. Nonetheless I would like to see a new album from her.

Hinder – Lips Of An Angel
The only song I ever listen to from Hinder is this one. I think I came across this because of my sister. And then I forgot about it for the next few years and somehow I stumbled across it on Youtube. It is another soft-rock ballad, just the way I like it.

Herbert Grönemeyer – Der Weg
A powerful song, sung by a man who began to sing after he lost his wife and his younger brother to cancer short after each other. He is not the best singer there is, but he sings with a lot of emotions. And you can feel those emotions, the pain inside of him. I do not listen to any of his songs, but this particular song was translated from a Dutch artist. But I thought the original deserves more attention than the dutch cover by Guus Meeuwis.

Once again, the list is done. This week I had 5 totally different songs for you and I hope you liked them.


Sunday – Funday? (10)

Hi there!

Are you already getting used to 5 songs on Sunday? I really like it to make this weekly post. It brings a lot of old memories back and I always enjoy listening to good music. This week it is time for the letter ‘G’. Also it is a special edition with 10 in stead of 5 songs, simply because I couldn’t choose. Here we go!

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
I love this song. I don’t know why, but I love it. It is a rock-ballad and I think I love the raw voice of John Rzeznik. I don’t know what else I should say about this song, I just really like it!

Genesis – Jesus He Knows Me
Music of my childhood! I grew up with Pink Floyd, Genesis, Elton John and solo albums of Phil Collins. Easy feel-good music is the category for this song. And because I know it for years, I can sing a long quite accurate. Though I try not to do that, at least not in public, haha!

Gin Wigmore – These Roses
I don’t remember any more where I found her, but that doesn’t matter anyway. She is great. She has a distinctive voice and has some pretty songs. Most of them are up tempo but this is one of her ballads. The most powerful element of this song is her distinctive voice combined with the soft background music. Overall in most of her songs her voice is the main element. I could listen to her music al night long! (But sadly I won’t because I need to sleep.)

Girls Aloud – The Promise
My favourite song of these girls! Sadly they are separated but sometimes I listen to all their old songs. Also a memory of my childhood though I discovered this song about 3 years ago. It is no special song but I really like Sarah’s part in here (the one with the Leopard dress). Sarah and Cheryl really rock in this song!

George Baker Selection – Una Paloma Blance
Okay, to be honest, I never listen to this but who doesn’t know this one? The ultimate party-hit, hahah. It is just hilarious!

Green Day – 21 Guns
This was a hard pick. I am really fan from their old songs Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends. And then they came with a new album and with this song. Interestingly it are all songs with a military hint, but they just make powerful music. I also once was at one of their concerts and that was amazing! Always nice when they can also perform excellent when singing live.

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
Another classic! A powerlady with an amazing voice though many black women have amazing voices. A song that can make me feel better, because I WILL SURVIVE!

Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live
I don’t know much of their songs though I should have one of their albums. But this song is the only one I listen to. I think they wanted to be more hardcore than this but they failed as they have more soft-rock than hard-rock. Still it is a nice song. Also their song We Believe is very nice.

Geri Halliwell – It’s Raining Men
Again a song which probably everyone knows. Another powerful woman and ex-spice girl. Not that it is a special song, just another easy-listening, feel good song. The music video is not my favourite, it doesn’t fit to the song. But wauw, she has muscles! That is how I want to look but then I definitely need to train more.

Gwen Stefani – Cool
Another hard pick, I like a lot of Gwen Stefani. Especially her ballads as you might have expected. I had to choose between Cool and Early Winter. I chose cool because that is the song I listen to most often, and I can sing along. What I also like from Gwen Stefani is her signature look. She has found her style and has kept it for years as it fits her perfectly! (And I had a huge crush on the guy in the music video!)

So, here we are again.10 songs later, 9 of them are real favourites of mine.
What is your favourite song of these ten?


Sunday – Funday? (9)

Hi there!

It is time for a new Sunday – Funday?! Another week has past, time is really going fast, or is it just me? Anyway, today it is time for the letter ‘F’.

Faith Hill – Where are you Christmas?
Yes, it is a Christmas song, my favourite Christmas song ever. And also my favourite from Faith Hill. She has other pretty songs but somehow I always return to this Christmas ballad. As you can see in the music video, it is featured in the movie The Grinch.

Florence and the Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
This band has almost only fantastic songs. They are a bit rough, and sometimes have really weird lyrics but they rock! I love the sound of her voice combined with the rough music. Another big favourite is Breath of Life but I love almost all their songs.

Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree
Another song from my childhood. Normally it gets played on the radio so now and then but the last year I haven’t heard it. Still it is a good, solid and easy song. A kind of feel-good song.

Frankie J – Daddy’s Little Girl
This song makes me cry, it is so beautiful and so sad. And another childhood favourite though I still love this song. I used to sing along with it but sometimes my voice would just break.

Fefe Dobson – Everything
Another memory of my childhood tough I listened to this in Highschool. Somehow I had in my mind that Fefe was a white girl with light brown hair, guess I got her mixed up with someone else. This song is nothing special, she has no real outstanding voice but it is good enough to listen to sometimes.

This is the end of today. I have shown you five songs I love, or used to love or used to listen to. Anyway, five (new) songs for you to listen!

Which song is your favourite from these 5?



Sunday – Funday? (8)

Hi there!

Another week has past, wow, that went quick! Time for new Sunday- Funday?! Today I have the letter E for you. Let’s start!

Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
I don’t listen much to Eminem or Rihanna but occasionally both of them have good songs. This collaboration was my favourite song for weeks. I love the video, the strong voice of Rihanna and the combination with Eminem.

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
A beautiful song about the loss of a loved one. Written after the death of his son. A sad song, a simple song, but very beautiful. And the only song I know from Eric Clapton.

Ed Sheeran – The A-Team
I can’t believe that this song is already 3 years old. Leave out the drugs and prostitution and it kind of describes my life. This song can make me cry. Further more it is a mellow, easy song, just like I like them.

Elton John ft Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
My favourite SingStar song! Gosh, I haven’t played that game in ages but I only could play it by friends because I never owned it myself. I loved it! I love to sing and I was quite good in some songs. Otherwise I never sing in public. I wouldn’t dare! And I love Elton John. There are almost no songs I don’t like from him. It is the music from my childhood, and I still love it. I won’t link to all his songs but I could, I love them all.

Evanescence – Good Enough
My favourite Evanescence song. I love them. She has a powerful voice, combined with intriguing piano lines and I am hooked. This is one of their softer songs, I love their ballads. But I can also enjoy their more hardcore songs (which are still soft compared to real hard core rock and metal music).

So, this were five songs for this week. This time more male than female artists, that’s a first I think? I hope you enjoyed them!

What is your favourite song of these five?


Sunday – Funday? (7)

Hi there!

Another week comes to end. This means another Sunday full of songs. Today I have songs from artists starting met the letter D for you!

Daniel Powter – Next Plane Home
Starting with a male artist! A light summertime vibe, easy listening. A song about a father wanting to be at home for his child. You might now Daniel Powter from his hit Bad Day. And I have to admit that this are the only two songs I know from him.

Dashboard Confessional – Stolen
Originally I was looking for this song featuring the German band Juli. But I could not find a good version of that so here is the original (and here you can listen to the featured version). Another soft song, a summer lovestory.

David Bowie – As the world falls down
This clip is from the movie Labyrinth. It is a movie that I found pretty scared as a child but when I watched it again almost a year again I discovered that it wasn’t scary at all. David Bowie himself plays one of the main characters and the songs from that movie are the only ones I listen to from him.

Destiny’s Child – Girl
Another childhood memory, Destiny’s Child. The group that made Beyonce and Kelly Rowland famous. In the songs it seems that everything is centered around Queen B, she is most of the time the lead singer. But that doesn’t change things, it is still nice music to listen to.

Duffy – Warwick Avenue
Her first album was great, I loved it. Loved her smoky voice which reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s. But then her second album came and it was different. I hope she goes back to making good songs, her voice diserves it!

So, this were five songs for this week. I hope you enjoyed them! Some of them are different compared to what I usually listen to.

What is your favourite song of these five?