The Happy Challenge (part 11): Tenth Challenge

Hi everyone!

Last Friday was the last Happy Challenge announced. The final Challenge is to name 5 things you are proud of and to name 5 things you’ve learned from this Challenge. And this is also the final concluding post about it. With this challenge we have named our values and dreams and made them visual.. in short? We named a lot of things and developed strategies to follow your own dreams and also to the way to happiness.

Happiness is something what is mainly coming from within. And it is very much controlled by yourself. You determine what makes you happy, you determine whether you do things that make you happy or not. (At this moment I am eating chocolate and of course that makes me happy!) And we have seen that it is necessary to take it all into your own hands.

Let’s do this weeks challenge, I’ll start with 5 things I am proud of.

  • I am proud that I am trying hard to get more exercise in my lifestyle. I’ve had some troubles but I am slowly restarting with the regular exercise. And as the weather is going better I can more often walk to the train station in the afternoon.
  • My work, sometimes I am really fed up with all the irritating people but overall, I still like my job. I am also proud that my boss thinks of me as one of the more qualified people to get more responsibility. Sadly enough I don’t have enough time at the moment to really full fill that role but it is always good to hear.
  • I am proud of myself, because I keep going on. I am stubborn, but I notice that I get results of it sometimes. Positive results like this blog. When I decided I wanted to have a post on-line every single day, I knew it would be a challenge but it is manageable. I am doing great! (Or at least I think I am doing great.)
  • My boyfriend, he just got his Bachelor of Science and I am proud, of course I am!
  • I am proud of where I am in life. It might not be totally like I want it to be but it is still good. I have a home, a job, a boyfriend, a good education. And I have plans to extend my education and ‘build’ a new home.

So, that were 5 things I am proud of. I found it quite hard as I am not often proud. But I think I managed to make a nice list. Let’s go to the next step and name 5 things I learned from this challenge.

  • I learned how important it is to take time for yourself. I still need to do that more.
  • I learned what I find important and what I want to achieve.
  • I learned how I can improve my mental health by choosing the company of the right people.
  • I learned to stick to what I want, an example is the 7-minute challenge. I wanted to do more exercise, I tried other things like the 30-days Ab challenge but that did not work. I stumbled across the 7-minute challenge and somehow it works. I have to get my rhythm back to go back to 3 times a week but it is going to be fine!
  • I learned that I have to try more. I have to try to see the little things in life, I need to try to be more thankful. And maybe the most important part, I need to be more positive. I know what I have to change and I know I will have to work on it.

Overall, I think I learned a lot of the Happy Challenge. Though I am not there yet, by my happy state of mind, but I know a bit better how I’ll be able to get there.

What was your experience with The Happy Challenge?



The Happy Challenge (part 10): Ninth Challenge

Hi guys!

Time for the next Happy Challenge. This week is about dreams. The assignment is to dream big. And set a deadline to your dreams. Dream outside the box, think creative. Sure, it might be impossible to accomplish but it is not impossible to dream about it.


I told you about my dreams in this Happy Challenge. Though that dream should be possible, only might take some years to achieve. Like half my life or something. Or, in the best case (and my secret plan) quite soon when I win the jackpot! There is no other possibility, I am going to win the jackpot.

There are more achievable dreams where I am dreaming about. One of them is moving out, I want that to happen as soon as possible, and with my study and work, and everything else at the moment, that probably will take another year. But it is eventually going to happen and I am living forward to that moment.

Another dream is that I want to be happy. But I don’t know how to get there yet. There is so much I want to do and so little time. I am running in circles and sometimes I crash into a wall which suddenly appears and I fall apart. A few days later I start running again. I hope that someday I can walk in a straight line again. That is one of my biggest dreams.

I wish that in approximately 10 years I will be sitting on a bench outside my farmhouse. Enjoying the sunset while I can watch my grazing horse and her foal. And that then my husband (till then I think I will be married) comes outside with a drink and a blanket and joins me and we sit there and talk till the sun has disappeared and even after that.

What is your big (‘extreme’) dream?


The Happy Challenge (part 9): Eight Challenge

Hi there!

Time for a new Happy Challenge! This weeks Challenge is about positive people. The assignment is to kick negative people out of your life. Stop wasting your energy with people who only cost you energy. Spend you time with people who fill you with energy and make you laugh!

You can do that on-line (like cleaning out your Facebook- friends, unfollowing blogs you don’t really like to read, stop reading the news when it only depresses you, et cetera). Or off-line: stop meeting those negative persons and start meeting your positive friends!

How am I going to do that? Honestly, I don’t know. I think I will clean out my online friends. Though that will hurt but I need to let them go. They don’t care about me, so why should I keep spending time and energy to think about them?
For the rest, I won’t be able to do much. I spend time with my boyfriend, which is a good thing. And otherwise I don’t have a big social life and no time to meet friends and almost nobody asks me to spend time with them.

The most important thing for me is to keep remembering this for the future and to keep applying this to my life. Somewhere in the next few weeks a blogpost will appear about my problems with being social. Till then, I will try as much as I can to stop thinking about the wrong people!

How are you going to do this challenge?


The Happy Challenge (part 8): Seventh Challenge (2)

Hi there!

I told you Saturday that I would do the newest Happy Challenge different than it originally should be done. Instead of a list of thankful things/ moments every day I would post a general list of things I am thankful for. Today it is time for that list.

The things I am thankful for are:

  • Sun, I love sun. And I am thankful that it is finally shining more. I am very happy that I can leave the house in daylight and that I return home before it is dark. I missed that!
  • I am thankful that a certain person I care much about is still alive. She fights so hard. She deserves much better but she manages as well as she can.
  • I am thankful for general things like a house to live in, food on my table, clothes in the closet, et cetera.
  • I am thankful that I earn enough money that besides saving a lot I still have enough to buy things that make me happy. Like my new Chanel Lipstick (102 – Palpitante).
  • I am thankful that my skin is currently relatively calm. No larger irritations, less dry, but still very sensitive. It is not ideal but it is a lot better than a few months ago!
  • I am thankful that I can still play the piano. Less skilled than I used to, but I can still play.

It is a short list. There are a few things which I did not mention, as they are currently not how I would like them to be. I am very unhappy with my time distribution. It feels for me that I have so much to do that I have no time left for myself at all. I go to my internship during the week and I work during the weekends and when I am then returned home I have no energy left to do something I like. Everything is just to much effort. The only thing I am doing then is watching series and typing the blogpost for the next day. I hope that it will get better soon, I can’t keep this up for long.

What are you thankful for?


The Happy Challenge (part 8): Seventh Challenge (1)

Hi there!

Yesterday was Friday, and that means a new challenge. This Challenge is all about being thankful. It is meant to appreciate the little things in life, things we normally take for granted and don’t even really see.
The official assignment is to post every day till next Friday a short list of things you are thankful for.

I will make it short, I will not do this assignment in its original form. I can’t. At the moment a lot of things are not going as they should which causes me to be quite unhappy. All my energy is currently focussed on living through the day.

What I will do with this assignment is that I will post a list of things I am grateful for in life, things that make me happy.

If you are joining in The Happy Challenge, feel free to post your gratitude lists here, or link to them!


The Happy Challenge (part 7): Sixth Challenge

Hi there!

Time is flying by! It is already time for the sixth! Happy Challenge. Oh my, where does all that time go? Feels like we just started and now we are almost finished. This weeks challenge is about habits. Habits which are beneficial for your life, habits which you want to gain, and/or habits you want to loose.

I will start with my good habits:

  • Listening: I can listen to personal problems without end. I am always willing to listen and when I am able to I will help that person.
  • Managing: I can be good at telling people what to do, when to do it or how to do it. I am a natural leader. The downside is that I am sometimes leading while that is not my responsibility. But I am learning to cope with that!
  • Care-taking: When I asked my boyfriend what my good characteristics were he said that he liked it that I always remind him of things he needs to do. He said he gets things done because of me.
  • Timing: I never come late. Never. Sure, sometimes I am late but that is never because of me but because the public transport decides to have a problem along my route. But I am always on time for work, school, or personal meetings. Most of the time I am at least 10 minutes early.

happychallenge-achtergrond-transparantNext to those good habits there are a few habits I want to gain.

  • Healthy eating: I want to change my diet, you all know about my goal to eat less sugar. That is going well, we made our own jam with almost no sugar. I bought Tahin which is also sugar-free. And I bought hemp-seed and wheatgrass powder. I am curious whether that will make me feel better or my skin glowier or whether nothing at all will happen.
  • Exercise! I need to move more. I told you in my last fitness update about my problems with my shoulder. And about my wisdom teeth removal. I still have pain from the surgery but as soon as that is over, I really want to start again with the 7-minute workout! I want my six pack back!
  • Patience: I need more patience. I need to let people finish talking, I need to be calmer.
  • Positive thinking: I can’t say it too often. I need more positivity. I need to stop focussing on bad things. I need to focus on happy things. In stead of being upset with a slow walking person in front of me, I should be happy that I was on time for the bus/train/whatever. I am working on it. But it feels like it is not enough.
  • Discipline: In a previous challenge (the fourth one) I told you that I wanted to spend less time doing nothing on the internet. Well, I am still failing. But the main reason is that I don’t have anything else to do. But technically that is not true. I can always write a new blog (it would be even better if I would) or write on my report for my internship.
  • Stress less: When last Friday my plans suddenly changed. I almost panicked. My parents told me they would be gone over the weekend, and I was invited to go to a theater-show by the leader of the division where I do my internship. And I said yes. Which caused all my plans for the evening to change. I had a good evening, really, but the feeling of changing plans so suddenly is horrible. I need to handle that kind of situations better. Things can always suddenly change. And I just need to relax and adjust.

So, this is it. I need to keep on working on it! I really hope that I can manage some changes because I need to. It would be so much better!

What are your positive habits or habits you want to gain/loose?


The Happy Challenge (part 6): Fifth Challenge

Hi there!

The next Happy Challenge has been announced so here we go!
This weeks Challenge is about making things happen. And by that I don’t mean that you book a one-way ticket to India and disappear for the rest of your life on a world-(road-)trip. Though you could do that, if you want to. It would be awesome if you did. But the goal of this week is to start with those changes you discovered that you want to make in the last Challenge. (The official ‘slogan’ for this week is: Just Do It! which reminds me of Nike, haha.)happychallenge-achtergrond-transparantAnd I started with putting my digital visionboard as desktop background. Because I forgot to do that two weeks ago (yes, shame on me, I know!). And today I got the confirmation for my summer holiday in the mail so that is good too as I want to travel more.
For the rest, I want to be less angry, more happy, less procrastinating (big failure so far), more learning (not yet started) and that’s it.

I honestly don’t really know where or how to start. I have to overcome my fears to be happy and I’m stuck for now. And concerning my anger I first have to know where it is coming from. I am trying to figure that out but so far I have no idea. Things I can do and will do is talking to my manager at work and tell her that I want to get those certificates I told you about in the last Challenge. And I think I will figure out what language I want to learn (French is also an option as I should know the basics of it) and how I am going to do that. Oh and I am continuously playing concentration music to keep me better focussed, till now it seems to work but I don’t really know yet.

So, I made a short list with things I have to do:

  • Talk to my manager.
  • Listen to myself.
  • Start exercising discipline.
  • Try to see the good things in life.
  • Stop thinking in negatives.
  • Start believing.

I hope that in time I will manage to cross everything of my list. I need to start somewhere and I know it should be possible.

What are you doing to pursue your goals?