Hi there, anonymous reader!

Welcome to Disenchanted Dreams. I know it is kind of a depressing name but anything else I came up with was already taken. So this is it.

This is my personal blog, I will write about anything that interests me. That can be mindstyle, lifestyle, recipes, cosmetics and make-up, personal life things. Anything.
My goal is to be honest and accurate. I want to stimulate criticism. I want people to start thinking and stop blind believing. I am done with the marketing world, though I have to admit, I sometimes still run into their traps. But I am working on it and I hope that you will start to do the same. Or at least start thinking about it.
I am no conspiracy theorist like Dr. Hodgins in Bones (yes, I do like that tv show). But I am a good educated person, thirsty for more knowledge about many things. And I always want to get to the bottom of things.
So lets do this together 🙂