Girl on the move #2 – Compilation

I lost the count of which number this should be, since I have made a few trips since the last time.

I went to Dubai, which is not fun during July though it could have been even worse. Temperatures of 40+ degrees Celsius and a humidity rate of approximately 60% feels like a permanent sauna. Also, I found Dubai to be boring. The whole city is all about consuming. Everything has to be bigger, more modern, shinier, more expensive.. it is one massive ego-trip. At least now I know I don’t have to go there again.


After Dubai it has been quiet for some time, until I had to go to Naples, Italy, in August. It was my first solo-business trip and I decided to stay a bit longer and go sight-seeing with a friend after my business was done. Naples is a city of contradictions, and it made me feel sad. There are some beautiful buildings, which are badly maintained. It hurts to see those pretty structures decay. Naples has lost its glory. Though driving a rental car in that part of Italy was a nightmare. I am very happy that I survived without an accident. Italians speed, disregard traffic lights, don’t watch out on intersections, and they don’t speak English once you are out of the city.

Now it is the quiet season at work and I don’t get to travel that much. However I had a meeting in Zaventem, Belgium the other week. I like Belgium, the countryside is nice, they have some gorgeous cities, the food is good.. but the traffic is terrible. Belgians can’t drive, I am not sure which drivers are worse, Italians or Belgians. Sadly I did not have much time to go sight-seeing, and that week was exhausting.

Now the quiet season is still going in, time to wrap things up, recharge, and prepare for the next season..
After all.. Winter is coming!


Busy Life

Hi guys!

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but somehow I don’t have the energy, or the time. Summer is over, sadly, and I feel like I have had no summer at all except for 2 weeks of holiday. So, what have I been doing the past few months?
Firstly, I have finished everything of my first internship and that kept me busy until the end of July. I am so happy that that is finished now.

Secondly, I applied and qualified for another internship, at a different research facility. I wanted to start with that internship in November, but that did not work out. Also, some things changed and I got permission to do my thesis at the same facility where I am doing my second internship which resulted in an earlier start date. Last Monday, the 15th of September, was the start date and wow, I have gotten so much information basically thrown at me. If that keeps going on like that, I’ll be very, ver busy for the next few months. But I will be getting paid for it, which is nice. Though it is not much but hey, money is money so I can’t complain (especially because the majority of internships is unpaid in the Netherlands). And my supervisor is very chaotic, always busy but very nice ánd we have the same music taste so that is awesome!

Thirdly, I have started with an internet-based course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics offered by Uppsala University. It is not very time consuming but as I have to do it after a busy day at my internship or after work, it is quite challenging. For now it is doable, I just make stupid mistakes as I misread things because I am so tired. But at least I get moderate to good grades so I am happy with that. Luckily it are only two lectures a week and 1 assignment. But it will continue till the end of October so that is quite a while. Especially because I will have another course in October (2 days a week) and a big exam for my part-time job.

So, basically I have no free time. I’ll be flying and running in circles for the next few months. I do miss the writing, but I need to focus on keeping myself happy. I am focussing on a better skin-routine as my skin is still very troubled, and I am still focussing on a better sport-regime. My holiday consisted of hiking in Austria, and I really miss that. The amount of activity was very high and that felt so good! But now, I lack the time and challenging tracks. I try to keep up a small sport-regime for my arms (push-ups and dip-downs) and stomach (alias, getting that six-pack back, I know it’s there). But that is pretty much all my extra exercise. Oh and I try to drink more water, because I drink far too less.
So, that was my update for you 🙂



Hi there!

I know it’s been a while since my last post. The reason is that since I’ve stopped blogging every day, it is totally out of my system. But here I am again, with an update of the past few months.

First I have finished my 9-months internship and I am looking forward to 10 days of holiday in Austria. After that I will start my second year of my masters degree and I will be busy full-time again.
Secondly, I am still not sporting enough. I don’t do much on my own and I am lazy as fuck. Though I am steady with my weight (actually I don’t even care about my kilo’s unless they are over a certain number), my shape is getting.. wider? I need to focus more on moving my legs and I should start again with either the 7-minute workout or the ab-challenge.

For the rest, nothing is changed much. I still work part-time, I still have the same boyfriend (going strong for more than three years now :)) and I am still living at home. Wiehoe.


Socially Awkward..

Yes, I admit it. I am socially awkward and I have been that for a long time now.
I am not sure when it started but I think that it is linked with my history of being bullied. My history of being ruined, I have lost a lot of my (self-)confidence. I have lost my trust in people and I became lonely. By now I am so used to being lonely that I can’t open up to others. Whenever I try, I say the wrong things. I hurt people unintentionally. I ruin my life amongst that of others.

I am the quiet one, the one that is always forgotten. I am never missed. And have given up the hope to keep on trying. My friends have vanished, I have only aquintances left. Nobody knows my fears and dreams and hopes and nobody cares.

I am lonely.

Maybe hello again?

Hi there!

The funny thing is that since I stopped writing, I somehow have more visitors than ever. Though they prefer to read only the post about the 30 days ab-challenge. Well, at least I know now what ‘your’ favourite blogpost is.

I have thought a lot about this blog, and this blogpost. I tried to write and I failed. I know that I don’t want to keep going on like I did when I decided to stop. But I also know that I need to write something. I missed it.

So, here’s the new plan. I will write whenever I want. And about everything I want to share. It will be a bit of beauty, because I love beauty and it is an excuse for me to make pictures. It will be a lot of personal stuff, well it already was pretty personal but it will be different. It won’t be a post every day, I am not sure whether I will post every week. But I will post, I promise. I tried to write for you, for my readers. But I realised that I have to write for myself.

This is my personal place on the web and I can do whatever I want with it. And this is my attempt to do that.



Hi guys,

I decided to stop with my blog. At least for a while. I started blogging with a lot of ideas and a whole plan of how I wanted it to turn out. I wanted to blog about ingredients, about truth, about science. But I have no time to do that. The result is this blog, a blog which is a mix between lifestyle, random stuff, mindstyle, beauty and personal things.

This is not how I wanted it to be.

I don’t want to keep pushing myself everyday just to put a blog online. It would be fine if my quality was a lot better, but it is not. I don’t want to pollute the web with any more crappy posts.

I’m sorry.

My Favourites (2)

Time for some new favourites. Last time I showed you my favourite cars, today I want to tell you about my favourite colours. I am very happy that we have the ability to see in colour and I could not imagine a world without colours. It would not be that important when we wouldn’t know better, but we do. Everyone has some favourite colours and today I want to show you mine.

  • Purple. My top 1 colour is purple, especially with a hint of red like bordeaux (some call bordeaux  red, but I think it is more purple). But I love all shades of purple, except for pastel but I hate pastel in general. Purple is associated with a lot but mainly with wealth and influence, like royalty and faith.
  • Turquoise. A wonderful, brilliant colour. It has something magical in my eyes, it is not green, not blue, but still beautiful. I love it. Here you can read a bit about its meaning.
  • Green. Especially dark green, it is calm and reminds me of forest. I like trees and green is the colour of nature. I can’t really explain what I like about (dark) green, but somehow it appeals to me. It is associated with nature, hope, youth but also with envy.
  • Brown. A lot of people dislike brown, and I can understand it as a lot of unpleasant things are brown. But brown is warm, and mellow and a lot of good things (like nuts) are also brown. Brown is associated with decency and earth.
  • Grey. I am not sure if grey is a colour or not. Normally I would not count it as a colour because in my opinion black and white are also no colours. But on the other hand, grey can have a lot of sub-colours. Grey can have a hint of blue, green, red, basically every colour. The colour grey is associated with boredom and conformity, secrecy and uncertainty.
  • Hard Pink. I dislike pink, except for shades of pink which are really bright. Contrary to popular belief, pink is not one of the most liked colours. I like tones like magenta and fuchsia.
  • Red. One of the most powerful colours, red. It is associated with blood, courage, passion, aggression and danger. A very versatile colour. I like especially cool-toned shades of red, but that is mainly because warm-toned red is orange, and I hate orange.

This were my 7 favourite colours, in order from most favourite to likeable. You might wonder why I did not write something about the colour blue. The fact is that I like blue, but I love turquoise and basically that is a shade of blue.

What is your favourite colour?