Ice ice, baby!

Hi guys! (and girls, of course!)

Today I won’t talk about Vanilla Ice’s hit but about real ice. About ice cream to be exact. I saw a recipe on one of the dutch blogs I follow. And I decided to try it myself.


  • 2,5 banana’s
  • 1 kiwi

Banana-kiwi-1Further necesseties:

  • Knife
  • Peeler (though not  really necessary but I prefer a peeler over peeling kiwi’s with a knife)
  • Tupperware box which can be frozen
  • Mixer

You won’t need everything immediately. You start with cutting 2 banana’s and the kiwi in small parts and put them into the Tupperware box.
Next thing is that you put the box in the freezer for a few hours. (I accidentally did that overnight, which is possible but it makes the fruit so deep-frozen that it is not recommended.)

When a few hours have passed by you remove the box from the freezer and put the fruit into the blender. And then you just blend. When your fruit is not deep frozen you should get a smooth cream in a few minutes.
In my case, the fruit was so icy that it formed little crumbs so I added another half (non-frozen!) banana to the mixture in the blender. And then it worked, within a minute my mixture went from fruity ice-crumbs to smooth icecream. Yay!
When you have succesfully blended all fruit into icecream you can transfer it out of the blender and back into the Tupperware box. (Optional, you could place it back into the freezer to make it a bit harder but I ate it almost right-away with some banana-egg pancakes.)

Banana-Kiwi-3Last step is to eat your delicious self-made, sugar free icecream! 

I think that the kiwi can be substituted for any other fruit as long as you be careful that you won’t freeze it too long. When you don’t get ice cream while mixing it, just add more banana slices till it works.

What ice cream would you make?



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