Sunday – Funday? (10)

Hi there!

Are you already getting used to 5 songs on Sunday? I really like it to make this weekly post. It brings a lot of old memories back and I always enjoy listening to good music. This week it is time for the letter ‘G’. Also it is a special edition with 10 in stead of 5 songs, simply because I couldn’t choose. Here we go!

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
I love this song. I don’t know why, but I love it. It is a rock-ballad and I think I love the raw voice of John Rzeznik. I don’t know what else I should say about this song, I just really like it!

Genesis – Jesus He Knows Me
Music of my childhood! I grew up with Pink Floyd, Genesis, Elton John and solo albums of Phil Collins. Easy feel-good music is the category for this song. And because I know it for years, I can sing a long quite accurate. Though I try not to do that, at least not in public, haha!

Gin Wigmore – These Roses
I don’t remember any more where I found her, but that doesn’t matter anyway. She is great. She has a distinctive voice and has some pretty songs. Most of them are up tempo but this is one of her ballads. The most powerful element of this song is her distinctive voice combined with the soft background music. Overall in most of her songs her voice is the main element. I could listen to her music al night long! (But sadly I won’t because I need to sleep.)

Girls Aloud – The Promise
My favourite song of these girls! Sadly they are separated but sometimes I listen to all their old songs. Also a memory of my childhood though I discovered this song about 3 years ago. It is no special song but I really like Sarah’s part in here (the one with the Leopard dress). Sarah and Cheryl really rock in this song!

George Baker Selection – Una Paloma Blance
Okay, to be honest, I never listen to this but who doesn’t know this one? The ultimate party-hit, hahah. It is just hilarious!

Green Day – 21 Guns
This was a hard pick. I am really fan from their old songs Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends. And then they came with a new album and with this song. Interestingly it are all songs with a military hint, but they just make powerful music. I also once was at one of their concerts and that was amazing! Always nice when they can also perform excellent when singing live.

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
Another classic! A powerlady with an amazing voice though many black women have amazing voices. A song that can make me feel better, because I WILL SURVIVE!

Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live
I don’t know much of their songs though I should have one of their albums. But this song is the only one I listen to. I think they wanted to be more hardcore than this but they failed as they have more soft-rock than hard-rock. Still it is a nice song. Also their song We Believe is very nice.

Geri Halliwell – It’s Raining Men
Again a song which probably everyone knows. Another powerful woman and ex-spice girl. Not that it is a special song, just another easy-listening, feel good song. The music video is not my favourite, it doesn’t fit to the song. But wauw, she has muscles! That is how I want to look but then I definitely need to train more.

Gwen Stefani – Cool
Another hard pick, I like a lot of Gwen Stefani. Especially her ballads as you might have expected. I had to choose between Cool and Early Winter. I chose cool because that is the song I listen to most often, and I can sing along. What I also like from Gwen Stefani is her signature look. She has found her style and has kept it for years as it fits her perfectly! (And I had a huge crush on the guy in the music video!)

So, here we are again.10 songs later, 9 of them are real favourites of mine.
What is your favourite song of these ten?



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